Tuesday, February 19, 2008

weird story

on sunday we were on a walk near the baseball fields at csun and suddenly a stray ball came flying over the fence and pegged kirby in the back of the calf! it was so surprising, i mean,what are the odds of that??

he has a pretty good welt. and being the sport that he is, he could still find the humor in the situation even as his leg was throbbing and turning colors.

good thing it wasn't either of our heads or our child. yikes!


  1. thanks for the birthday shout out. i think you should do a blog on famous sports announcers. here are some links http://myespn.go.com/s/conversations/show/story/3253356

    also don't forget, actually... never forget!:

  2. so. I think that the cat attacking Kirby is a sign. Maybe the cat was trying to purge Kirby? Who knew... and...i will put it in MY blog...hahaha