Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dat laundry flow

Because I've got my eyes straight up, all up on that prize, I just revamped my laundry flow.

You're on the edge of your seat, I'm sure.

We want to start working towards the girls handling their laundry soonish so in an effort to do that AND because it just made sense, I decided to put us on group laundry rotation. Up until now I had just been doing all the laundry 3x a week, but this led to a big pile for everyone to put away those days and a lot more sorting for me. Now our schedule is as follows:

Monday/Thursday: Girls
Tuesday/Friday: Boys and misc laundry room shiz
Wednesday/Saturday: us

I realize this gives me more laundry days overall but the amounts are much more manageable (maybe only a load a day compared to the 3 or more that I had been doing). I also was needing to come to grips with the fact that I needed a laundry day over the weekend and, as much as I hate laundrying on weekends in general, our grown-up clothes are so much more appealing to wash on a Saturday than my kid's. No offense, kids.

On the days that we are home, or if afternoons are chill, I am having the girls manage their wash. They can pop it in before school in the morning, I can switch it out midday, then they fold and put away in the afternoon. Not only is this THE BOMB, but I'm hoping to God it inspires them to wear only 1 measly outfit a day and stop stuffing clean things into the hamper when they "clean up." So help me, baby J.

Anyway, is this post a SNOOZE or is it a snooze??

The most exciting thing of all is that I got a new washing machine and it comes on Friday. My current machine is from 1972 and while it works like a horse and is cute, it doesn't give two shits about stains. When Kirby told me to just go ahead and get a new one I actually cried. And then I went and bought the biggest, most gigantic machine I could squeeze into our laundry room. And I can't wait. (***the things that make me happy cry w/ 7 kids LOLOLLLLLL***)

It's so big I could probably stuff 4 children inside of it. Don't worry, I won't.

Another revamp I'm trying to get at is a little folding table set up with a basket for each family member underneath. I'm thinking maybe a situation like this?? So that I can fold > place in bin > that's it. Love this industrial hamper, too. I currently have one similar to this but in the XXL version which is... a lot. Also, how cute are these?? (So much cheaper than the West Elm version). What to do... what to do...

ANYWAY THAT'S THE STORY OF MY LAUNDRY. I'll keep you posted bc I'm sure you can't wait.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2 min face

In an effort to continually improve my life and the lives of those around me, I like to try and land on products that work and stick with them. As I was getting out the door the other day I was mentally swooning over my beloved beauty products and at how freaking fast I can look semi presentable with their aid. Why have I have not shared with you?? I have no idea. I love seeing other people's beauty regiments, so here is mine - the 2 min face, or 1 min if you're always late like moi.

Step 1. Juice Beauty Tinted Moisturizer. Ok JUICE. Freaking Juice. I am consistently so happy with their stuff. This tinted moisturizer is no diff. It's thicker than my old bb cream which took some getting used to but I love it now! Creamy and smooth and smells so light and fresh. The coverage is super good.

Step 2. Puerto Vallarta all up in this bish. This lip/cheek tint by Nars has been my fave for years. I am never leaving it. It's the perfect bright creaminess. Plus, the name. Like, hi, Mexico all day long.

Step 3. Random mascara. I currently use this and I'm happy with it but not in love. I have yet to fall in love with mascara. What do you love? Help me.

Step 4. Lips. Either a swipe of my staple Un-Petroleum Jelly or a bit of this lip balm if I'm feeling medium fancy or my fave nude lipstick if I'm feeling FANCY.

Guys! That's it! Badda freaking bing, bb.

(I even tested it out right before I had to leave to pick the kids up from school so I could be, like, so real.) (1 MIN!) (Hence the mediocre blush blending) (¯\_(ツ)_/¯)



Monday, February 6, 2017

Average Monday in photos

I wasn't planning on blogging but Pete keeps sneaking out of his bed for naps and the best vantage point I have of his bedroom is at the computer. So here I blog.

Mondays are always catch up days for me. Somehow I forget how to do dishes and everything on Saturday and Sunday. Why is that?? My secret weapon for not letting Monday's overwhelm me is to game-plan them. I like to do a quick assessment of what I want to get done and then map it out. I make a quick overview in my head (sometimes on paper if I'm stressin'), then break it down into time frames (morning, pre-naps, naps, afternoon, etc). And then I even break it down more. E.g. right now. I am wrapping up a flash sale over at The Haul but in between posting a photo I give myself a little goal- post photo > sweep the kitchen > post photo > fold a load of laundry, etc.

Anyway, it helps my brain and keeps me motivated. Little boxes than I can reasonably check. Check, check, check.

Next up on my list are to vacuum the 300,000 chip particles out of the rug from the Super Bowl yesterday and I would like to clock a little P + P reading time.

What even is this blog post?? Ha.

I'll push on.

Here is what life looks like around me today.

Pete's continual breech of nap time rules.

Clem playing cat-licks-milk-out-of-bowl.

Another cozy, rainy day in Southern California.

Drying my laundry like the pioneeress I am since my dryer broke last week.

Desk vibes. Pokemon everywhere I turn.

Enjoying copious amount of earl grey with lavender, honey, and cream.

Just installed these cute adhesive wall hangers in the boys room for all their hats/capes/backpacks/junk. (top five favorite things is when Amazon Prime carries Ikea)

Ordering a fresh stack of pre-k workbooks for Clem but appreciating the fact that she still spells her name C-E-L-M.


Friday, February 3, 2017

7 QT: Accidents and other things

1. Rain.

It's raining in So Cal again. The hills are getting lush and green and our gas bill is out of this world due to me having the fireplace on a solid 13 hours a day. No regrets.

2. Prezzies.

Birthday winning with this super cute nail kit. Hero has been setting up nail shops almost every day for the girls and they love it. Highly recommend. We also got Hero her these boots which she is rocking. So cute.

3. Books.

I just finished reading In the School of the Holy Spirit and it was so, so, so good. If you're looking for a fast read that will 100% guarantee improve that state of your soul, get it.

Inspired by Jenna, me next non-spiritual read will be Little Women. I've never read it and I sort of feel like I'm not a real lady until I do. Plus, how cute is this collection?

4. Budgey.

Kirby is in the process of a few potentially exciting career things but until they come to fruition we need to pinch does pennies. I massively fail at every budgeting technique everrrr (cash, ynab, mint, etc etc etc) so we have resorted to just paying me like a bill. I have a separate checking account and every two weeks we transfer me $$$ for all our non-utility spending. Then it's up to me to figure out what to do with it. It's kinda of freeing! I have my card, I buy things, I run out of money, done. My account is through Simple which has a really nice app that helps me keep track of my limits and spending. I'm kinda all about it.

5.  6 week check up.

I just went to my OB LAST WEEK for my post-partum check up. I am super good at doctors appts, guys. I didn't even go to mine after Joe. I just showed up in my doctor's office a few months later, pregnant again. Anyway, you can imagine my humiliation, walking up to the check-in desk, telling the boss lady I was there for my 6 week check up at 6 months post-partum? But do you know how awesome my doc is? He still counted it as a pp visit and didn't charge me. And he also didn't make fun of me for it. Dreamboat.

6. Accidental texting.

OK. I wasn't planning on this being a take but my previous take reminded me of it and now I'm DYING to tell you. A few weeks back I found a really funny photo of my OB that was taken right after I had Francis. I've seriously seen this picture countless times and never noticed that there is legit nudity in it. Maybe I was just too focused on my doc? Maybe I'm dumb? EITHER WAY, I thought a friend AND her husband would think this particular photo was funny and so I sent it off to them BOTH in a group text with a witty caption and it wasn't until I hit send that I noticed my bare boob was fully visible in the bottom portion of the photo.



I frantically texted my friend on the side begging her to grab her husband's phone and delete it... and she did... so all was well. But, geez. Most stressful five minutes I've had in a while.



I wasn't planning on telling you this story, either, but now I'm on a roll! My best story ever of accidental texting happened when an ex-Bachelor's wife (Sean and Catherine) had her IG account hacked. Someone started posting gnarly pics on her account, one of which was a beefy man in a g-string taking selfies in a bathroom mirror. I think his caption was very terrible. Anyway, I screen-shot it (naturally) to text it to a friend so we could die laughing together (obviously) but instead I sent it to MY MOTHER IN LAW.


Let me tell you, it is SO complicated to explain something like that.

And with that... adieu. Please wish me luck in life. Wish us all luck.

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Monday, January 30, 2017


Phew guys Christmas and NY were a BLAST. I almost still feel like it was yesterday (breaks a sweat), and so does my house. I'm already mapping out how to do next year better. I feel like all Advent I was in a good flow and then Christmas Eve, Christmas, and on and on it was like BAM BAM BAM. I'm still finding scraps of wrapping paper under couch cushions. Maybe this year I shop and wrap in August. Maybe this year we all eat frozen pizza. JK we all know that's never happening but I've gotta figure out how to get a leedle more organized next round. Anyway, I gave myself two weeks to get on top of things after the kids were back in school and that basically ended yesterday. Now the laundry is doneish and we are back in a good flow. Minus the burning need to organize/toss 80% of the kids belongings. And Hero is ten. TEN!

The other night K and I went out to dinner with these losers and I forgot my wallet and the waitress wouldn't serve me any booze (side eyeing you all day, waitress-just-doing-your-job). So, Kirby (in all his extremeness) asked to see the manager about it. Long story short, the manager came and K gave him a nice speech about me having mothered 7 children and how deserving and of age a drink I really was. And do you know what the manager said?? "I CAN TELL YOU'RE DEFINITELY OVER 30"


That basically sums up how I feel about Hero being ten. I am clearly over 30. Every knows it.

Speaking of 30, Kirby and I are busting out a modified Whole 30 (Whole 26) from last week until his birthday. We've never done anything like this and I'm kinda loving it. The first few days I was starving but now I am feeling super full on not a lot and I'm craving healthy things and I'm starting to see quicker results to exercise than I've seen in months. I'm still going strong with hot yoga and it's almost as if my body was holding onto a layer of chub that is melting away because I'm not gulping down sugar and bread all day, revealing the hot yoga bod (hot emphasis on the yoga, not on the bod) I've been working my measly one day a week towards since the fall. Wow. I hope you enjoy that visual. I am definitely, still obviously over 30 but I'll take it!

Today we went to the kids family day at school for Catholic Schools Week. This is the only photographic evidence I've got.


Happy Monday, babes! I'll (try) and be back soon.

Oh, OH recipes?? I know you've got them. We are doing dairy, so there's that. Just no sugar, no potatoes, no legumes, no booze (I know... I KNOW). Give me all your delicious tips!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

All the (last minute) things (that you'll still get on time)

Ok OKKKK are you like me? I thought I had it all the way together (see here) but now it's days before Christmas and it feels like every night I'm laying in bed ordering things off of Amazon. Part of me is like where did I go wrong? And part of me is like Amazon, you are the very best thing in my life. Jk but only sorta.

I always forget about the little ones stockings! When you remember you can't stuff a baby's stocking with candy canes and you're like -__-. This is what I got for Joe last night, toothbrush and toothpaste. LOL.

Did you see the meme that was like "Moms during December: Mom, I need some more toothpaste. Alright it'll have to be part of your Christmas tho." It is ME.

I got a few more things to stuff stockings and fill in little gaps. All cute and inexpensive. Here is a run down:

1. This cute little forest book.

2. A few of the sweetest little saints dolls. Specifically Saint Joseph and Saint Francis.

3. Natural Teethers.

4. Beeswax crayons.

5. Actually cute stuffed racoon (Mary picked this out for Joe as his secret santa and I kinda can't help but to love it. All the other animals are so sweet, too. WHO AM I?)

6. And a staple... really good Christmas books. A few of my faves are An Orange for Frankie, The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree: An Appalachian Story, and The Legend of the Poinsettia.

ANNNNND aside from that we are hustling through this last week of Advent with serious cheer. Last night was the kid's Christmas pageant at school and it was the sweetest ever. Hero surprised us with a performance with her "advanced band" class, where she rocked the triangle. Everyone was so off-pitch and sincere. Mary played a turtle dove, Johnny was a dog (such a funny nativity addition), and my godson, Oliver, was the cutest angel ever. Baby Francis got the honor of playing baby Jesus and he was so mellow and happy. It took the crowd a good minute to figure out it was a real baby on stage and everyone loved it. The kid's school is so small and sweet and they put so much effort into the play. Microphone feed-back, kids falling over on stage, forgetting their lines, singing out of tune. It was really even better than I could hope for. I'm really grateful for our small, faithful school community.

Right now I'm waiting on dough to rise for Christmas morning cinnamon rolls, gin to infuse for these cocktails, and butter to soften for sugar cookies. The next few days are busy with parties and fun and dinner with good friends and our advent candles are almost melted down to the candlesticks. It's rainy and cold in Southern California and I really couldn't ask for a happier Christmas. Just the right amount of bustle, just the right amount of rest. I really hope you all are feeling just the same.

With love from us, Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2016

DA CRIB: pt.4, Da big finish

Alright, alright, just one more massive photo dump and done. Here is the main door, heading into the living room. It's all pretty self-explanatory, so I'll let you just e-wander around. Just after the door is a small half bath to the left, then the living room just sort of opens up and wraps around a big central buffet with a BUILD IN RECORD PLAYER SITUATION (love you, 1950).

(That door way is the hall leading back to the girls room and our room, for ref)

This area has the front of the buffet on it's right. Eventually I would love to do a pretty pendant light and a formalish dining situation. For now it's just sort of a big empty space.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Original prints of the house the year it was built (1950). I adore the one of the original owner's wife gazing off over the end of the property. I feel like I maybe understand a bit of what she was feeling... this place is so magical. These shots were featured in Sunset magazine that year. I'll frame them, don't worry.

I love the look of the mountains in this photo... had to include it.

And then back, back, back to that hallway at the end of the living room... The girls room is the first to the right.

Someone commented earlier and said she would kiss this wall of storage every time she walked passed it. That is *exactly* how my heart feels. Lullz. Bathroom to the left, our room beyond.

I felt like this was an appropriate final shot. For as awesome a home as this is, we still live here. And it sort of just looks like this all the time. This morning I was sitting on the couch looking up at the hill and just feeling so thankful that there is beauty every where I turn, although it's easy to get stuck in life's insanity and forget it. For as chaotic as things get inside this house, there is always a little spot in my line of sight that soothes my soul if I just remember to look. I'm so grateful for that.

Come visit sometime!