Wednesday, December 21, 2016

All the (last minute) things (that you'll still get on time)

Ok OKKKK are you like me? I thought I had it all the way together (see here) but now it's days before Christmas and it feels like every night I'm laying in bed ordering things off of Amazon. Part of me is like where did I go wrong? And part of me is like Amazon, you are the very best thing in my life. Jk but only sorta.

I always forget about the little ones stockings! When you remember you can't stuff a baby's stocking with candy canes and you're like -__-. This is what I got for Joe last night, toothbrush and toothpaste. LOL.

Did you see the meme that was like "Moms during December: Mom, I need some more toothpaste. Alright it'll have to be part of your Christmas tho." It is ME.

I got a few more things to stuff stockings and fill in little gaps. All cute and inexpensive. Here is a run down:

1. This cute little forest book.

2. A few of the sweetest little saints dolls. Specifically Saint Joseph and Saint Francis.

3. Natural Teethers.

4. Beeswax crayons.

5. Actually cute stuffed racoon (Mary picked this out for Joe as his secret santa and I kinda can't help but to love it. All the other animals are so sweet, too. WHO AM I?)

6. And a staple... really good Christmas books. A few of my faves are An Orange for Frankie, The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree: An Appalachian Story, and The Legend of the Poinsettia.

ANNNNND aside from that we are hustling through this last week of Advent with serious cheer. Last night was the kid's Christmas pageant at school and it was the sweetest ever. Hero surprised us with a performance with her "advanced band" class, where she rocked the triangle. Everyone was so off-pitch and sincere. Mary played a turtle dove, Johnny was a dog (such a funny nativity addition), and my godson, Oliver, was the cutest angel ever. Baby Francis got the honor of playing baby Jesus and he was so mellow and happy. It took the crowd a good minute to figure out it was a real baby on stage and everyone loved it. The kid's school is so small and sweet and they put so much effort into the play. Microphone feed-back, kids falling over on stage, forgetting their lines, singing out of tune. It was really even better than I could hope for. I'm really grateful for our small, faithful school community.

Right now I'm waiting on dough to rise for Christmas morning cinnamon rolls, gin to infuse for these cocktails, and butter to soften for sugar cookies. The next few days are busy with parties and fun and dinner with good friends and our advent candles are almost melted down to the candlesticks. It's rainy and cold in Southern California and I really couldn't ask for a happier Christmas. Just the right amount of bustle, just the right amount of rest. I really hope you all are feeling just the same.

With love from us, Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2016

DA CRIB: pt.4, Da big finish

Alright, alright, just one more massive photo dump and done. Here is the main door, heading into the living room. It's all pretty self-explanatory, so I'll let you just e-wander around. Just after the door is a small half bath to the left, then the living room just sort of opens up and wraps around a big central buffet with a BUILD IN RECORD PLAYER SITUATION (love you, 1950).

(That door way is the hall leading back to the girls room and our room, for ref)

This area has the front of the buffet on it's right. Eventually I would love to do a pretty pendant light and a formalish dining situation. For now it's just sort of a big empty space.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Original prints of the house the year it was built (1950). I adore the one of the original owner's wife gazing off over the end of the property. I feel like I maybe understand a bit of what she was feeling... this place is so magical. These shots were featured in Sunset magazine that year. I'll frame them, don't worry.

I love the look of the mountains in this photo... had to include it.

And then back, back, back to that hallway at the end of the living room... The girls room is the first to the right.

Someone commented earlier and said she would kiss this wall of storage every time she walked passed it. That is *exactly* how my heart feels. Lullz. Bathroom to the left, our room beyond.

I felt like this was an appropriate final shot. For as awesome a home as this is, we still live here. And it sort of just looks like this all the time. This morning I was sitting on the couch looking up at the hill and just feeling so thankful that there is beauty every where I turn, although it's easy to get stuck in life's insanity and forget it. For as chaotic as things get inside this house, there is always a little spot in my line of sight that soothes my soul if I just remember to look. I'm so grateful for that.

Come visit sometime!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DA CRIB: Pt 3, What is sequence?

I thought I had this very cleverly worked out so that each post would align in a makes-sense sequence but I now have no idea what I'm doing and so, I'm sorry. Just make the best of it. 

Blogger (YES, YOU BLOGGER) is also formatting my pictures crazzzzy so I'm sorry if things look super wonky on whatever device you are using to see this. Just imagine it all centered, etc. -_-

Ok, funny thing. Today I was in my bathroom standing in a sea of beads that Pete had spilled on the floor thinking to myself "Oh my goodness, I have to keep this clean for the blog tour!!!!" and then I realized I already took all the photos and NO ONE CAN SEE THIS. I almost lolled right at myself. Get a life, B

Ok! Whereeeee where we? Oh yes! Kitchen-end of the house. Here we be. The lawn is to the left.

(Walking up the brick...) This is the door leading to the kitchen. It's not technically the "main" door but we use it as such... I mean, wreath... hello.

Directly across from the kitchen door is a super pretty little succulent patio. Here are various views, all of which are lovely, none of which I am responsible for (God bless you, previous owners) (Yes, that's a Moby Wrap in the tree. My kids use it as a swing. #blessed)

Ok, beyond those gates is the official front door... compound lyfe.

(for past and future reference- kitchen to the right, boy's room to the left beyond this gate)


Ok, this is the most special part. At the end of the driveway (sort of where Clem is facing in this ^ photo) is just hillside, but it's sort of the first thing you see when you come up the driveway. This statue of Our Lady was the first thing I saw when we first saw the house, over a year and a half ago, when I pregnant with Joe. The owners weren't Catholic but they loved her and said they felt like she was just supposed to be there so they never moved it. She is sunken into the ground pretty far and has been there for a long time, it seems. I just love it so much. When we weren't sure if we would get the house (which was months and months of back and forth) I always took consolation in the fact that my Mom was there already.

~it's a driveway~

Ok, now into the kitchen! This whole kitchen is basically a praise & worship song so let's just get into it.


ANNNNND the boys room and baby cave, which sit side by side. (made from the chopped up laundry space sort of behind the garage and just opposite the kitchen SEE MAP). Pete and John are in here now but eventually... you know, everyone will be.

I didn't even sweep the floors for these shots because at this point I was sweaaaaatttting taking 300 photos pics of a clean house. Ur wlcm. Bye! Tomorrow I'll finish and we can all move on.