Saturday, September 16, 2017

God knows






ANOTHER BING BONG. 4 in row, 4, 4 and under, 4. (These are the lines running NYSE in my head).

Can you believe? Well, yes, dumb question. I'm sure you can. Even I, proud gestating mother of boys, can believe it. I even laughed out loud when I saw that little peep all aglow on the screen. You're a boy, aren't you, you little stinker??

Yeah, mom :P

Anyway, I wasn't sad as I thought I would be when I considered the mere possibility of this babe being another boy. I really just laughed, and then I called Kirby and he laughed, too. I'd call it an affectionate tossing our hands up moment for the both of us. A true -_-. A cheeky eyeroll towards the heavens.

But there are already little moments making me genuinely excited that this baby is a boy. 1. I realllllllly freaking love my guys. I love our mornings with the kids away at school, I love watching them play, I love spoiling them with "bra-ssants" from Starbucks. I love how terrible they are to eachother and how easily they recover. I love how Francis is already one of the pack. 2. I kinda wonder how a girl would fare around here at this point. Yesterday morning I had just gotten Francis up and as I changed his diaper, Pete and Joe just climbed all over him. Knees in the stomach, elbow in the temple, etc. And he was so happy. Gleeful, even. I imagine maybe a little one year old girl would not be so happy given similar circumstances. and 3. I just know God's plan is so utterly, utterly perfect for me. He knows what he is doing and so I'll just sit and watch the tide roll in. I am a mother of five boys. FIVE! AH! Laugh/cry/repeat/etc.

Come at me, little bing bonger.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The date says it all...

If the last post dates almost exactly 3 months ago then you better know she got knocked up and is now in her second trimester holllllaaaaa!

(back 2 life, back 2 reality.... kinda)

I read the first sentence of that last post and lol'ed a bit bc summer was off to a fantastic start and then I peed on that little stick and life came to a screeching halt. Funny how that little line can change everything. I found out I was pregnant on July 3 (a mere 4 weeks pregnant) and by week 5 I was laid da fuq out (pardon my real). Usually I have until week 7 or 8 to start feeling bad but this one hit me like a ton of bricks. The reality is, of course, of course, you can't complain a lot when your body is tackling the immense task of growing a life. I have had healthy, uneventful pregnancies and I am so, so grateful. But there is also the very real reality that pregnancy can be completely grueling, and consuming, and even awful. This one felt a lot like that. For all of the wonder and gratitude that comes with it, it's strange and complicated to accept and manage the feelings of ugh this is so so so bad that can often come be a part of it. I certainly experienced those feelings this time around, and they are tricky.

Anyway, I am 14 weeks as of tomorrow and feeling more and more like myself every day. So grateful. For as many weeks as I was down n' out, I'm not fleeing a hurricane or some other natural disaster and I'm getting a new baby out of the deal so, perspective. Turns out that every one around here survived my mental/emotional/physical absence and we can all move right along just fine. I suppose kids are resilient and understanding when they are anticipating a new baby. I'm forever grateful for my kids ability to see the joy in that even when I'm a zombie.

There are so many things I feel the intense urge of unload about but I'll mainly focus on the positives which include how I freaking survived the last 8 weeks (read: surprisingly amazing supplements and totally selfless friends), an slightly insane but awesome road trip to CO, a bomb vacay to Palm Springs where I floated in a pool for many hours a day while sipping cold beverages and mentally trying to erase the entirety of my first trimester, and the fact that I decided to pony up the $50 to get an early gender detection ultrasound next Wednesday. I'm sure it will simply conclude that I'm having yet another bing-bong but at least I will know and we can all move right along.

All that and more but we should all probably just dip our toes in the waters of Fikedom before I get too overwhelming. For now I leave you with my XL belly + big brother (how???) because he's cute but also because I don't have much else exciting on my camera roll.

Hope life has been blissfully good to you all. Everyone in Florida- I'm praying for you!!!!

Monday, June 26, 2017

7 quick takes, three days late edition

Guys, Summer!!!

We have been doing it right, if I do say so myself. Aside from les miserables Magic Mountain day, we have hit the beach multiple times, my parents pool a jillion times, been sunburned, lived off of popsicles, had a lot of BBQ, and fun family movie nights while the sun goes down and the raccoons sniff around our patio for leftovers.

If you are interested in the status of my comments section, let me tell you it is still as terrible as ever. STD's, witchcraft, and getting husbands back are the bulk of my never-ending stream of comments and I rarely get a comment from you! Are you terrified?? I will post it! Don't stop talking to me because I am haunted by DR. OWWNEDNEFA QURASTA.

This post is just a quick nod to my BF, Jeff Bezos. Now that it's summertime and my children are all around me, a trip to the store for any and all essentials just kills me dead. I'm increasingly grateful for my "subscribe and save" items and I thought they would be fun to share. Obviously because I don't know what *fun* is.

1. sponges

(lol this post is already making me laugh)

2. Method Smarty Dish Tabs - I feel like I've really done my research on this and this, by far, is the best bang for my buck when it comes to eco-happy, cheap, user-friendly dishwasher soap.

3. Toothbrushes... makes me feel so much better about my children's health in general to have a frequent rotation of toothbrushes that just arrive in my mailbox without my brain having to consider the where, why, how's of XL family dental care.

4. Dish soap - This is crazy cheap for Mrs. Meyers!! I have no idea why. This smell makes me happy.

5. Toothpaste (for us)

6. Toothpaste (for them)

7. Burt's Bees Baby Shampoo - This makes my children smell good for about 45 minutes and for that I am grateful.

Is there anything better than things you need that just COME to you?? Not a lot.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Head to toe

I gotta be quick today because I made the v v wise and genius decision today to go to Magic Mountain in 100 degree heat with kid that turned up sick and not enough food/water/positivity and we will probably be recovering for at least 6 movies.

I've got a few where is that from questions as of late so I'm just gonna give you the quick rundown of what's working for me this summer (if in fact it may work for U 2). Everything below I am wearing obnoxiously often which equals I love it.

I love these sunglasses (on sale, too!)

Thanks to all those Instagram ads I jumped on the Glossier train and I am INTO boy brow and the stretch concealer. Two thumbs up! Has anyone tried cloud paint? That's next on my list...

I just got this linen boyfriend shirt in white and I loooove it. It perfectly flouncy and crisp and lightweight. ok emoji ok emoji ok emoji cool sunglass guy emoji.

My fave accessory that I'm surely over-wearing but I don't care. (I have it in silver)

I went for these wide-leg crop jeans because I was feeling brave and I LOVE them (I love a lot of things, did you realize?) Especially with the linen boyfriend button down hellooooo

And these sandals. Errday.

Bye (lololollllcry)

Monday, June 12, 2017

And now we are two

In many ways, the past two years have felt like a blur. Back to back pregnancies fuzzed my vision and made the details hazy in a lot of ways. But in other ways, I look at my two little babies with an affection that feels clarified. I didn't think I was all the way ready, yet here you are, and it's so damn good. My little blue eyes.

Today the first of the them is 2. He is a total joy and I feel like the luckiest to have him in our world.

Now that we have bigger kids, most of our activities are oriented to them. The little kids just kinda go with it. When Hero was two, I would have never put her through a big kid movie, or a game, or whatever; and I would have felt a little sorry for any little kid that lived in a big kid world. But that world's not ours anymore. Last night, Joe whined to cuddle as we watched Rookie of the Year as a family. He paid attention and made goofy commentary and I totally adored that he was the kid having to sit through a weird 90's live action baseball movie. I feels right that he is our little sidekick. Sitting on the sidelines in the dirt as the kids play tag, jumping onto Peter's back when he's crouched too low, following someone around somewhere, all the time. I realize now what a sweet life it must be to be the little guy in an alive, opinionated, happy crew. Adoring, all the time. Swallowed up in action, all the time. What a fun, fun life. He is our best little guy.

Happy day, my baby.

More Joe fest with the birth story in all it's parts and here.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

School's out

For summa. How does one summer? Give me your ideas.

Kirby wins for the cutest tradition starting ever. After school he took the kids out for ice cream, then set up a campout in the yard. He also played capture the flag, cops and robbers, made a scavenger hunt for the little guys that led to hot wheels he bought them, flicked glow stick juice all over the trees to create a fairy land for them, all while making me and everyone else look like the totally subpar parents we actually are. I'm hoping that my generosity when it comes to little kids sneaking into my bed somehow pays off. (all of it on Instastories, btw)

Anyway, I'm joking bc he is really the best and the kids had so much fun. I did wake up at like 9 am to make them all apple pancake and I'm sure they'll NEVER FORGET IT.

And Hero got on honor roll. Go, girl.

And I'm now officially the mother of a soon to be kindergartener, second, third, and fifth grader. How?

The other day I asked Clem what I would do without her home with me next year and without skipping a beat she replied, "You'll have Pete." Breaking my heart, Clemmy!

I looked over the Kinder standards and Clem has flying colors in anything social or motor skillish but whether or not she can identify a single letter or number, I know not. My summer goals, if you were wondering.

As for the bigs kids, I'm giving everyone a week to do nothing and then we hit the summer schedule hard. I mentioned things feeling a little no one does the things I need them to do over here, so summer is going to be prime time habit building season. I mostly want to get the kids to tackle their individual laundry days and get good at making beds and keeping their space clean and not leaving their shoes out to be eaten by racoons. And also read and write a bit everyday. SO THERE, KIDS.

For now, we chill and I plot.

How do you guys do summer? As usual, I need you all to tell me wassup.

Also, look at how sad Joe's birthday present ended up being. I was a click away from this cutie sweatshirt but I didn't get it. And now I regret it. Good thing you're only two, Joe. You won't get sympathy presents much longer, bb.

(Legit and beloved gift, courtesy of his godmother)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Bb b a Sprout

My babay be eating. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. I love when brands reach out to me and offer to send me goodies to try, especially when they are relevant to my life and most especially when they are good (HINT HINT ALL YOU BRANDS). Mostly when I feed Francis he gets what we are eating but I admit that sometimes that's a random sandwich crust and I'm not an expert but I think I'm pretty sure the nutritional content of a crust is basically... zero? I do try to have little good for you snacky bits around for him to fill in the gaps of my exceptional parenting and feeding skills.

Sprout is a super awesome brand that gives you all the pouches and all the puffy things that you want to toss at your baby while you are doing everything else you do. You guys should check them out here because couponsssss (whatelsedoyouneed). But also because all their product is organic, non-gmo, gluten free, and ONLY plant-based (chia, dates, chickpeas, pumpkin, lentils, coconut milk, etc). And I'm still no expert but I know all that is GOOD.

Oh and I actually really appreciate the clear pouches because of all those super sketchy mold-in-pouches stories. Right? Ew!

Evidence don't lie.

What a lush.

Go check out Sprout for coupons and where to buy!

Thanks to Sprout for hosting this post and giving me your awesome product and for the excuse to take photos of my baby being cute. Full disclosure, I ate all the White Cheddar Curlz O_O.