Tuesday, March 25, 2008


as a nod to my sister in pregnancy, casey, i now have a matching baby thing counting down the days to the arrival. what a creepy looking baby!

and im enjoying tj's peach salsa, which is suprisingly good!

i am also in the process of reading casey's book "the complete organic pregnancy" (you know, since i have so much pregnancy time left, i thought i'd get a jump on it) and i learned a pretty amazing fact about cancer and toxins... did you know that 1/2 of all the cancer in the world is from people of industrialized nations even though we only make up 1/5 of the worlds population? did you know that 80% of all cancer is do to environmental influences...



  1. holy smokes, you only have 33 days to go! just leave the key under the mat on friday, i dont even want you walking to the door.


  2. Hi, my name is Emily. I found your blog from Brad's. You probably don't know me--but I am good friends with Fleurette.
    How exciting that you will have a new baby in about 20 days! Woohoo!

  3. oops, sorry...What I really wanted to tell you was: My mom had all three children at home with a midwife and did it all naturally. We never got shots, we used homeopathy instead. We are all healthy today (:
    (eventually we had to take some shots because we traveled).

  4. hi emily!! i would love to talk to you about all of that! is this emily, emily? who is now a mcclain (sp?) i know you!! if thats who you are... sorry, this is a dumb way to try and communicate to you...

  5. (: Yes this is Emily McClain. My email address is emilyirish@yahoo.com
    We can talk about all this on email~