Thursday, March 20, 2008


why am i still awake? i honestly cannot remember the last time i was up this late voluntarily, or without having gone to bed earlier. i think its because kirby is away. he went on a solo camping adventure overnight. i think i am realizing i don't know how to go bed without him. i just don't know what to do, so im getting zombie eyes on the computer... and hating how late it is.
hero also hasn't waken up since i put her to bed!! this is crazy. what a weird night. along with that, i am experiencing a sudden onset of heartburn and can't figure out a good reason for it. i haven't even eaten in, like, four hours.
im going to go cuddle my sleeping baby. good solution for all problems.


  1. So i read this yesterday and it was of no importance to me. However, since i have now been lying in bed for over an hour trying to fall asleep and cannot, i decided to comment it. i feel your pain, only i feel more of it since i dont have a cute little Hero to cuddle =(. missssss you! im calling you soon, i swear it.