Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the latest

we all saw uncle kenny off a few weeks ago. he now calls his home oklahoma. this is us getting one last cuddle in before he hit the road. we miss you, bear!

on a cozy, overcast afternoon we walked down to the campus and watched some serious track meet action. here is mary, cuddled up with her momma...

and here is her big sis, en route to the standard 'dad lifts me up by my legs' move, which generally seems pretty unstable but apparently is a bit hit with one year olds.

this pose occurs often in public places. hero stands by mary's car seat and smiles at passer-by's as if to say "hello there! here i am, standing next to my baby sister. isn't she so cute?!" proud, proud, proud.

sometimes there are so many baby's laying around, it takes me a second to figure out which one is real. hero loves to provide mary with lots of company. you know, just so she will have a few ladies to chat with in case she's feeling lonely or misunderstood.

here is our big girl at kirby's mom's hotel, trucking down the hallway... totally fearless.

again, totally fearless!

little mary and i just watched and huffed the massive chlorine fumes of a marriot indoor pool facility.


at the end of the weekend, hero let off some steam by joining in on the drum circle at the whole planet, whole child expo. there was an awesome duo called 'rhythm child' who played fun songs for the kids. they were all rocking out and playing with drums, tambourines and maracas. at the end, when the music was finished and everyone had cleaned up the instruments and left, poor hero sat on her knees in front of the stage for longest... trying to wish the action back, i suppose. it was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

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  1. Why does Hero get to wear all those pretty dresses? I want some.