Tuesday, July 1, 2008

and for this one...

she just gets better and better. mary was two months last week. now weighs 10 lbs 11oz.
when she sleeps she looks like this...
and when she is up she looks like this... she's the best.
mary talks to us all the time with these little coos that i couldn't possibly describe because they are way to good to put words to. i've got them on video so don't be surprised if i bust it out next time you're over. kids are the best thing ever. i know i've probably said this over and over but it's like just when you thought things couldn't get better, they do... and when you didn't think you could love bigger, you do.
if you don't have one, or many, yet. do yourself a favor...

ps, was it me that said i never have time to post!?


  1. All pictures cute, cute, cute. These babies should both be in movies.


  2. I just don't know anything sweeter.....grandma