Tuesday, August 26, 2008


vacay part two. one of our faves... yosemite. we went up for a quick trip with the some of our best family friends, the saunder's families. kirby and josh, casey's hubby, were super macho and climbed half-dome in record time (we are totally convinced). we even got to talk to them when they got to the top because they had cell reception. i was super happy kirby didn't die and used him as a hot, trophy husband the rest of the day because i thought he was so awesome for being such a mountain man.

we let hero run free and free she ran. dirt, dirt, chase squirrels, scream at squirrels, chase deer, dirt, dirt, eat dirt, get soaking wet, dirt, dirt, dirt. she is so not that girl that doesn't like to get messy. she is also turning out to be pretty fearless... if she saw some kids jumping off of boulders, up a boulder she would climb to throw herself from the top. while it means we have to keep her wrangled a lot of the time, it also means we get the joy of watching her explore her world and discover new, fun things...and that is the best.

mary is totally my sensitive, mommy's girl, so she pretty much hung with me the whole time while we watched her sis stomp around like a big girl. she is getting to be so super cute i don't even know what to do with myself. we all had fun piling into a hotel room (the girls and babies got to go non-camping... and by piling i mean, me, hero, mary, my mom, casey, casey's mom, casey's munchkins, caleb and joelle, and lindy) and hanging out for the week in one of the greatest places ever. here's some fun pictures of our trip.

the summit.

the crazy, horrible cables. 800 ft of cables.

as if hiking 18 miles or whatever to the top of the rock wasn't enough. these guys were strapping up a tightrope. insanity.

kirby's view. yikes!

my hikin' boy.


hero and caleb being so cute.

river baby.

mary found her feet. hooray! here she is, showing you.

pb&j's in her camping chair. life is pretty good here.

looking at deer with grandma.

lindy and the two babes, getting their tans on.

the new fave, the two finger suck! i love this one.

big time camper-girl. roughin' in.


  1. So is that dirt on Hero's head or some new hairs?

  2. I cannot believe how big Hero looks in the 2nd picture with Caleb and the one in her camping chair. Like I am seriously in disbelief.

  3. i used to do the 2 finger suck except it was my middle and ring fingers...like a rockstar!