Saturday, September 6, 2008

cont'd from below

a quote from her blog really hit's this issue for me...

that there seems to be "a new breed of evangelical -- moving the abortion battle down their list of priorities in lieu of sexier wars to wage, like AIDs in Africa."

is this what happening? are we just participating in the issues that are "culturally relevant," even glamorous? do we just want to care about the issues that faces in the magazine in the check-out line tell us to care about?

we are forgetting the babies that are suffering for our own ignorance and our own inability to bear the consequences of our actions. and we are supporting this man who we think will fight for us, but refuses to fight for the weakest.


  1. Agreed. I am going to volunteer at my local life services place. Abortion is a social sin because it is so socially acceptable very few have the back bone to stand up against it these days. I am not afraid to loose a few friends.

  2. Agreed also... United States Council of Bishops just this year reminded all Christians that there are many moral issues we struggle with in our country. But, there are several issues that are considered Non-negotiable. They are called intrinsically evil. 1. Abortion
    2. Euthansia 3. Human Cloning 4. Human Stem Cell research. There are many other serious moral issues (problems) poverty, war, disease, etc. that we may differ on how to solve. Personally, I can never vote for anyone who does not want Roe V. Wade overturned. mom (tina)

  3. Preach it sister!!! I don't get those Christians either. I can't agree with Obama on a single issue that is dear to me. I don't understand how they can. Not a race issue either, could care less what color he or McCain are. Much love, Yelena