Monday, October 20, 2008


me and the munchkins have started hanging out at abortion clinics!
we have been participating in the 40 Days For Life campaign, which is a nationwide campaign of 40 days of prayer to end abortion.

today i got an email update that as of today, which is day 27, there has been 306 reported babies saved. thats not to mention the countless others that we don't know about... people that have left the clinic to rethink there decision, or peoples hearts changed by prayer alone.

this is a picture of a group of us last saturday praying and counseling women outside of our local abortion clinic.
we are trying to shut this mug down.

pray for babies, for strong families, for change, for courage for these mommies.
and maybe volunteer at your local pregnancy help clinic or do a walk for life, like casey and lindy.

and maybe find out where your local abortion clinic is and go there to hang out sometime, you would be amazed at how many women just need one person to show them some love and support, and let them know there are other options. and that the babies inside of them need their moms to fight for them and protect them, because they are the only ones that can.


  1. Yeah! Prayer is powerful. I am exited for the change that is happening through prayer and the willingness to give your time! :)

  2. Now there's real HOPE AND CHANGE! Awesome Blythe! I guess now I know why you don't have time to visit us on the East side here. Miss you!
    Yelena Thomas