Wednesday, October 8, 2008

playing catch up

our camera recently broke so i am finally getting to upload pictures that have been trapped for the last month or so.
to all the fike life faithful, here is a little bit of us... enjoying the last days of summer and growing up!

pretty face
tentative horsey riding at griffith park
fike the fourth aka pretty baby aka shwashee
the shwash hanging with mom on a hot day
sisters, besties
i get this request almost daily. mary in the lap please, mom.

berries for breakfast= murder scene
first time putting her shoes on all by herself! i didn't even suggest it, she just came out of her room, sporting her shiny shoes. what a big girlie.
i love this picture. it is mary looking up at hero. what a perfect moment to sneak into. sister love is so sweet and lovely.
and this is the sister finger suck, equally charming.


  1. So cute! Berries for breakfast is the best ever.

  2. Berry murder scene... so funny.
    Love Mary's face! Cuties. Love them.

  3. i love these! i want to come visit soon! the picture of hero's feet in the fancy shoes reminds me of that b&w picture from your wedding of my and alessa's feet

  4. i love the one of hero and ollie! and of course the one of mary in hero's lap. i miss your babies.

  5. So great! I can't wait to welcome our little ones. It looks so awesome to have more than one kid. Miss you! Come over for a visit soon. Yelena