Wednesday, November 5, 2008

all hallows eve time

lately i have been trying hard to channel my sleeping artist self to become more of a domestic goddess. so, of course, the fike halloween celebrations got a pretty good dose of my martha stewart aspirations! i decorated our patio area really awesome (the pics will have come later) in a not too scary ghost-theme. our neighbor said it was "sophisticated". which is pretty much the weirdest halloween complement, but i will take it!

anyway, we started off the day with scrambled eggs and ghost toast, as show below.

when it came time for treat or treating, i stuffed hero into her homemade bumblebee costume (yes, that's right everyone. i have become that mom.) she totally hated wearing it, too, which really was a kick in the gut. i forced her into it anyway.

mary, on the other hand, most graciously wore her flower outfit almost the entire day. she was so cute i didn't care how ridiculous it was to have a felt flower collar in her face all day. it was worth it.
plus they were built in chewy things...

here we are, getting ready to venture out into halloween land. mary was so pumped!

hero needed to hold both kirby and uncle kenny's hands as we trick or treated. man, treat or treating is really different when your baby is one. we only went to four houses and she was totally spent. how cute is that?
and after house number four she needed to be carried the whole way back. not an easy feat in a puffy bee suit. kenny is such a good uncle.

here is hero enjoying the fruit of her labor. nothing like a dum-dum after a night of trick or treating. we sat in front of my parents house until we ran out of candy. hero really liked putting candy in the other kids bags. in fact, she liked it so much she ended up giving all her candy to other kids! it was so awesome... no halloween candy residue! i don't think we will be able to pull that one over her for very much longer.

after the crowds left, we cuddled up with hot chocolate and marshmallows and watching charlie browns 'the great pumpkin.' totally perfect.


  1. Mary's costume is perfect! & Hero's butt looks so cute in the picture where she's holding Kirby and Kenny's hand....

  2. the first picture of the breakfast makes me real hungry.


  3. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Your girls are getting SO BIG!!!! And Hero FINALLY has hair!!!! We need to get together soon!!! Mary and Hero and Penny will be able to actually PLAY together!!