Saturday, January 17, 2009


so, celebrating the epiphany rounded off our holiday festivities. we lit the advent candles one last time, moved our three wise men in front of baby Jesus on the mantle, made crowns to wear during dinner , and did a special house blessing for 09 by writing the initials of the three wise men over our door in chalk. we found some really beautiful prayers to say as a family and sufjan's christmas album sung to us as we celebrated and got ready to say goodbye to the season and jump into the new year... 6 days later.

little king blows out the advent candles for the last time

king 2, looking enthusiastic about crown-wearing

and the star that led them...

our asian-inspired meal... they came from the east, after all

we took in the last days of a christmasy fike house

and put the wise men where they belong...

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