Monday, January 12, 2009

the me now

2009 is bringing a new me to the table. i have been thinking alot about the ways i want to change and the me i want to be now. i have a few resolutions and thoughts running through my head... these are them.

1. organization... i want to be a filer. not just document filing... no, no... the filing of all things. i want the items in my home to have a home. most importantly, i want to become more savvy when it comes to filing things electronically. with the help of vimeo and flickr, i plan to keep our photos and videos filed and compiled and available for blog updating. which i hope to get better at, too.

2 & 3. simplifying and creating... i have had a super strong urge to become more industrious in our home lately. i got a degree so that i could understand how to paint and create, but i never successfully bridged the art gap once i started having babies and started to find myself incapable of building canvases and having space for a studio. for the past two years i have felt like a quitter. someone who cannot start a project because i am afraid of not finishing. telling myself that that season of my life is over, at least for now. i never realized that my creativity could be re channeled and that what i accomplish in our home and for our family would be even more satisfying than anything i ever did before. even though it will never be on a gallery wall. all the while i find myself internalizing more and more. loving being at home. loving being a mom. especially now that hero is a toddler, i really have to live my life based on her needs, and in a bigger way than before. when she was a baby, the park wasn't as important to me as going somewhere i wanted to go... now there is a world opening up to her and i get to show it to her. suddenly watching food network or going to shop for clothes just doesn't work anymore.

i have been falling more in love with my life as i settle into the understanding that this is my life. stay at home mommy hood. that means relinquishing all of the things i thought i wanted to do with my time and investing in the things i know i want to to with my time. baking, making, exploring, reading, teaching, cooking, learning...simplifying my world.

so in connecting my creative loves to these things, i have great aspirations of sewing more and diving deeper into my two new crafty abilities (shaky abilities, but abilities none the less)... knitting and embroidery. inspired by these two awesome books i got for christmas, the itty-bitty nursery and doodle stitching. highly recommended for all those interested...

this brings me to a more technical resolution for 2009.
4. opening an etsy shop.

not anytime soon... but i will craft with a purpose and when there is enough great stuff to put in a shop, then i will put it in a shop. i will keep you posted on this.

along with my books, and my family, this woman has been helping me feel inspired and capable of these things. other than making me want to live in a place with snow, or at least seasons, she reminds me that life in the home can be slow and simple and full of amazing accomplishments.

so keep checking in and i will keep you posted.