Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a new thing

in light of today's inauguration, i want to post this add a friend sent to me. i think it's a really beautiful way to dose this new administration with hope and prayers that a pro-life leaf will turn, someday. really effective and well done.

see it here.

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  1. great pooter. These kind of ad's or statements really hit me hard cause they are not filled with hate. I really liked this one. I am happy to be remeinded to pray for our President and leaders, and also not to put my ultimate hope in our govt. It will fade. None-the-less... It was really weird today for me. I was all choked up cause I was priviledged to witness a whole nation that seems to have grown past judging one based on the color of ones skin (at least if you happen to be an American), yet so terribly sad cause so many don't seem to understand the deeper sin of the destruction of human life at it's most vunerable. Anyway, what a schitzoid day. Thanks for the post. it helped me to remember to pray and pray and pray. love you ...mom