Tuesday, February 10, 2009

joshua tree, we thank thee

this last weekend kirby and i went on our first overnight getaway since the girls were born. it was amazing! i surprised kirby with a night at a b&b in joshua tree for an early birthday/valentines day present. my parents graciously agreed to keep both girls overnight and both sides of our families chipped in for kirby's birthday present so we could steal away. and even though mary still wakes a good amount to nurse, my mom signed up for the gig, bottle at the ready. i was really nervous to leave them both, but i knew once we got out on our own it would be totally worth giving it a shot. let me tell you, it was. we hiked, took in an amazing sunset, hung out in a saloon drinking paps and bud light (mine), eating the worst steak dinner ever and watching all the interesting locals mill about. we went to sleep in a soft, cozy bed knowing full well that no one was going to wake us up (hooray!!!). i woke up feeling totally invigorated (it's amazing what one good night of sleep can do for you). the next morning we had a delicious homemade breakfast then spent the first half of the day hiking around in the park some more before we headed home. we had long talks about life and God, we listened to good music as we drove, we took in the incredible quiet of the desert, we thought about how awesome and strange cowboy life is, we had a gummy bear blind taste test and we got reminded of why we are each others. it's amazing what a little focused, uninterrupted one on one time can do. we even had a "high" coming back into the real world. just like summer camp.

as short and sweet as it was, it was completely wonderful and rejuvenating. and we are better for it.

and because there seems to always be a little thorn in the side when things are good... you should know that the dusty, hardly ever used pump i brought with us broke while we were away. all you lactating women out there can send me a little sympathy.

here is kirby, taking in the landscape
he thinks this is hilarious
outside our super cute room at the desert lily
up in the rocks
joshua tree
kirby, bouncing on some deserted timber
an old, abandoned mill way out in the middle of nowhere

i love this j tree sign


  1. my dad is gona be jealous. didn't it make you miss montrose. so many memories from those trips there.

  2. so true!! kirby kept making fun of me because i kept saying "when i used to come here with my youth group..."

    do you remember when you, lindy and i slept in the van but forgot to shut the back door? we woke up frozen! ahh, such good times. i miss you, francie!

  3. i miss you too blythe monster. and i don't remember not shutting the door. but i remeber trying to get dressed in the van which was not fun. and going to the out house and being affraid that a black widow was gona bite me.

  4. i remember Joshua tree also, and like Francie, remember HATING the outhouse (although i was afraid that i would fall into the abyss)... and let me tell you, i had my pump break AT WORK :( omg, not a good day. i totally sympathize with you!!! And, I must add, I am also extremely jealous that you guys got to go to Joshua Tree... that sounds like such a fun time!!