Thursday, March 12, 2009

spring cleaning/ pushing stage

today my mom took the girls for a few hours so i could get some major organizing done around the house. it is really amazing what i can accomplish in a relatively short amount of uninterrupted time. i don't really notice it, but i realized (as all you others moms have, i am sure) that while i do get a good amount done each's done it spurts. i can work while the babes are playing or napping, but only as long as the work i am doing isn't noisy work. anyway, it seems there are lots of factors that go into accomplishing a certain task. organizing always seems impossible because you must make a mess in order to organize it. and making big piles of receipts or old mail or paper clips just doesn't happen with a two year old and a tenth month old hanging around.

so, today... i went at it and i got SO much done. i felt like a champ, a totally organized champ.

and among the rubble i found this paper amidst a pile of paperwork from mary's birth. i suppose the only downside of homebirthing is that you have to file for the birth certificate yourself. well, let me rephrase..that's the only downside if you have your babies at home and you are not very good at being organized, like me. because then you realize that your ten month old baby doesn't have a birth certificate yet. yep, that's right, people. isn't that terrible? i think i have till a year to do it... the countdown is on.

anyway, back to the paper. i found the chart recording her birth info and i noticed that the first stage of labor was recorded as 3:50 min. and the second stage was recorded as 0:02 min. and this just made me feel really happy! hero's second stage was recorded as 4:00. yikes. just a glance that those pretty like numbers made my heart so glad. it made me remember what a glorious day that was, and it made me feel proud to have proof that i had a baby that fast.

i guess the good part of having a not so easy labor with one baby makes you extra excited when you have a not so hard one with another. and i am thankful for them both. but this makes me feel realllly thankful.


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