Wednesday, May 6, 2009

so unbloggy

i am just feeling so unbloggy lately! no why... i just haven't had the urge to sit, type, upload.

for the time being, here is a shot of my recently ONE year old munchkin enjoying her birthday cupcake.

she graciously fed her momma, too. apparently kirby thought we were still posing for a nice family photo.

see, lots has been going on!


  1. I was wondering where those bunny ears came from. Caleb was wearing them the other day. Cute baby. Sorry I missed her party.

  2. Yeah, I understand the unblogginess. I have not done it lately either. Kirby is so funny. He definitley wanted to make sure he was doing his part for the family picture :) That is a great pic of Mary. I have a few pics I should send you from the party.

  3. Great pic of Mary enjoying her birthday cupcake. She is so adorable. Also, the entry and pictures of the honey incident are straight hilarious! I've been hearing a rumor that our families will be getting together again soon and I'm really looking forward to it. Give my best to Kirby.