Wednesday, June 10, 2009

moving to the country

well, pretty close anyway.

we are moving! this is very exciting in many, many ways.

1. we are really outgrowing our space here in student housing.
2. we are going to try out living in a brand new town. fillmore, ca... pop 18,643.
3. we are renting our first house!
4. this house has three bedrooms!!
5. and wood floors!!!
6. and a yard.
7. with a fence.
8. and a washer and dryer.

luxury, pure luxury.
after lots of thought about where to go next, and not loving the valley, but not wanting to go far, and not having very may options based on our budget, we decided to take a chance on fillmore- a quiet little country town nestled in miles of orchards, with a real main street and a one screen movie theater and all that. we are only 30 min away from everyone we know and love (minus our fillmore friends)and we can afford a house there, which is amazing for us!

i am really looking forward to living in a little country town. i think the pace of our family has always been kind of contradictory to our living situations... and while i have loved our time in this apartment and the memories we have made i am super excited to start something new in a place that, i think, will suit our little family perfectly!

anyway, we move in a week and a half and i can't wait. if you want to see our new house, here is a super choppy video i took from my first visit there (when i didn't think we could afford it...before we weaseled an amazing deal out of the owner).



  1. That is unbelievable!!! It's a beautiful house, in a beautiful area. It's not too far from LA/Riverside for visiting all your friends. And it has a small town vibe. And you can easily take day/weekend trips up the coast.

    What a great place.

  2. sounds like you have been evangelized by one kirby fike, jeremy

  3. wow, a washer AND dryer???!!! How cool.

  4. Love that tile ceiling and it even has space for Kenny in the shed. J/K. Seriously a gem. You guys will love it there. It reminds me of my house.