Saturday, July 11, 2009


so we are here...moved. i feel like the past few weeks have flown by. i have never moved with two kids before. and there are lots of lessons to be learned in that. lesson number one - your home simply will not be finished in the time frame you wish it to be. lesson number two - don't just hunker down and unpack for two weeks straight. it will make you feel like a crazy person.

so i have been changing my style a bit... doing a little unpacking, a little organizing, lots of seeing friends, lots of making friends, and fending off stressful feelings. this has made life easier, it seems...and the transition a bit smoother.

as for being in a new town, i really think we will love it here. i mean, we already love it... but i think we will grow to really love it. last night my mom and i took hero to her first movie at the theater downtown. it has one screen and the show is every night at 7. we walked there... it took about 4 minutes. that, to me (and compared to living in the sfv) is happiness in a can. we walked back at dusk and all i could see all around us was the black of the mountains against the bluish sky and i really saw for the first time, how small our new town was. we left central ave (which is our main st) and turned the corner and it was dark! it made me really happy and it made me happy for the babes, to grow up experiencing a little town like this.

as for the socializing we had an impromptu bbq for the 4th because our great friend brad and his incredible girlfriend, katrina, where in town visiting. fireworks are legal in fillmore, so we figured it was the perfect opportunity to introduce some friends to our new town. needless to say, it was awesome. we even took some family portraits to commemorate the awesomeness.

as you can see, country living suits us fine.


  1. I cant wait to see your new place! So glad you guys are loving it.

  2. Love it. What awesome photos! Very Depression style :) Naked babies and pipe smoking. I'm so glad you love country life. I cant wait to hang out with you guys up there.