Tuesday, January 26, 2010

18 holes take all day

so the boys played the golf course here at the adare manor while the girls had a restful morning. in the afternoon my dad, the girls and i drove a relatively short distance to a restored castle and "folk park" called bunratty castle. there is a little 15th c village set up around the castle and apparently in the summertime it is in full swing. but this being the wintertime it was pretty quiet and really cold. we still had fun seeing the town and imagining life back then... mary threw a few tantrums and then crawled into a chicken coop caked with muddy chick-poo. i thanked God for hand-sani, but wet, clean hands quickly led to frozen hands which made mary an even more unpleasant bunratty castle and folk park visitor. i also realized i packed the wrong battery charger for our camera so we are left with my mom's point and shoot for the remainder of the trip. i'm not complaining... just keeping it real.


  1. Hi Blythe! Remember me, Lindy's cousin? I got to your blog through Lindy's and really enjoyed reading about your time in Ireland. Wow! You're a fantastic photographer, by the way, and your kids are so cute. I'll have to send you a link to our blog so you can see my little ones, Charlotte is about the same age as Hero I think. Anyway, thanks for sharing! Andie

  2. Perfect pic of Mary screaming :) Love all your gorgeous pics of Irish life.