Thursday, June 5, 2014

One Hot Mess, Vol 6: Dress Mess

I don't know if you are my Facebook friend or not but if you are then you already heard the drama and you can skip, skippy, skip.

If you've hunted through the archives at all you probably know I am a convert to Catholicism. I had my first communion at the age of 23 along with the rest of my missing Sacraments, so preparing our eldest for her First Holy Communion was very new and exciting and strange and... new. And along with all of the deep and meaningful came also the more superficial e.g. the dress. No hand-me-downs of this sort exist in my bloodline so we needed something original and awesome (because, hello, First Communion! Catholic kids! World I never knew!).

We enlisted an amazing dressmaker from Seattle by way of New Mexico for the job. And the whole process went along swimmingly except for that the dress. never. came.

It was shipped and had been guaranteed (says USPS) to be delivered by Friday afternoon but then Friday afternoon showed up and no dress.

And by the time I tracked the package to our sweet little post office, it was closed for the day... only one evening and one morning before the Mass. (And then I cried.) I cried! Doesn't that seem so superficial? I had built up so much anticipation for this day and missing the dress by *basically a second was crushing. Not the most important thing, by far, but... still. Still!

The post office opened at 9 the following morning and we had to leave at 9:15 for the Mass. With a hope and a (many) prayer(s) we decided that we would show up as early as could and maybe maybe maybe we could get ahold of the dress with 3 minutes to spare. But what if the trucks were already loaded? What if they wouldn't release the package? What if it took them 20 minutes to find it? What if, what if, WHAT IF?

But, my dad. Grandpa of all grandpas.

My dad woke up at 6 o'clock the next morning, grabbed his coffee, and sat outside of the post office waiting for someone to enter or emerge, bound and determined to get his granddaughter her First Communion dress. (Can we get a collective aw here?)

And at 6:45 a kind and wonderful postal worker did, in fact, emerge, and my dad approached him, and explained the whole everything, and the kind and wonderful did as kind and wonderful's do.

A few minutes later, I got a call from the postal-saint in which I excitedly (most def too excitedly) confirmed that the package was indeed mine and that it indeed carried my firstborn's First Communion dress and that indeed the mass was at 10 am this very day and INDEED you are a kind and wonderful person


My dad dropped off the package at 5 minutes to 7. Amen.

And while the most spectacular part of the day was watching my girl receive this beautiful Sacrament, and while she could have done it in a trash bag and looked just as angelic...


I'll never forget it.

So, it all worked out just fine, but one, tense, (emotional) mess, right? Phew.


  1. Just beautiful. I love that photo of Hero so sweetly looking over her shoulder. And I love how she received her First Eucharist.

    YAY for your dad and the kind and wonderful postal worker!!

  2. Beautiful girl and beautiful dress!

  3. She is so lovely, and so is the dress. I'm glad it worked out so well for you. (Thanks be to God for kind people!) Congratulations to Hero on her First Holy Communion.

  4. Congratulations and you little girl is angelic in her dress.Yay dad!!

  5. Gorgeous Hero! Your dad is a rockstar. This story will be told through the ages by your whole family. Love it!

  6. Oh that is SO sweet! And she looks lovely. Just lovely.

  7. Oh my goodness, that story made me tear up. Your dad is so sweet. The image of him waiting outside the post office choked me up. Congratulations on her First Holy Communion. Such a big day!

  8. So, so beautiful. I still remember how happy I was to get to receive my First Eucharist as a little girl, I felt so beautiful and special, and Hero looks it as well!

    (Her dress looks more comfortable than mine, I had to be coerced to stay in it for photos... But I am glad I have them with my grandparents even though I was so itchy!)

  9. I had seen what you posted on Facebook but I steal teared up reading this.

    Her dress is beautiful!

  10. It's probably the pregnancy hormones, but I definitely teared up while reading this. Congratulations to Hero! What beats a beautiful girl in a beautiful dress receiving such a beautiful sacrament for the first time?

  11. What an exciting & blessed day. So glad everything worked out with the dress. Hero looks so lovely!

  12. It is SO beautiful, doesn't even hold a candle to the beauty of the image of her receiving Jesus for the first time (so reverently!), and this stressed me out incredibly to read - can't imagine living it!! !!! !!!! AND, and - Dads are great. So great. Especially when you are a grown up daughter of them. So. great. <3

  13. Wow, what a beautiful photo of your daughter!!

  14. What a handsome, red-headed altar boy:) And the dress was worth the wait-it was lovely.

  15. So awesome of your dad and that angel of a postal worker. They get such a bad rap, I'm happy to see a positive story! And I just wanted to say, in case anyone needs a first communion dress at the last minute in the future, they carry them at Target now.

  16. That dress is so cute! It's way more versatile than I would think! cheap vintage style dresses


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