Monday, June 16, 2014

PS I love you

A few months ago we toyed with the idea of a Palm Springs getaway but we never committed and it lost it's luster and, you know. Then last week, Kirby got a little nudge-nudge from Jenna's husband to just come. You know you've got a friend when you get asked to crash an anniversary/babymoon getaway.

But, we like crashing. And we are pretty easily talked into things at the last minute. And we like things like the sun, and a pool, and cocktails by the pool and getting away.

So, on Tuesday day my amazing parents agreed and on Tuesday night we booked our room. It was just a Sat-Sun jaunt but it was awesome. And we milked it for everything it was worth.

We had always wanted to stay at The Ace due to it's obvious hipster cred. And even though we have a gift certificate to this little dump in our back pocket, we decided to book The Ace and reserve that trip for when zero babies join us (no offense, P).

I have to be honest and say the Ace hip-chicness was a smidgen over the top. But maybe my opinion was a bit colored by the fact that when we arrived midday on Sat., the small saltwater lagoon was closed for a wedding and the bigger "Swim Club" area was packed with 30-something singles sloshing around in a pool with beach balls and doughnut floaties and there were many, many exciting swimwears on display. It was 106 degrees and there were no free lounge chairs and just try and imagine Jenna and I- her, very pregnant, and I, very with a 7 month old on my hip, surveying the scene, searching for a place to fit in. I assure you, there were no places. The music was bumping and it was all very MTV's Spring Break '98 and I felt very what the hell are we doing here? By the end of the night, gorgeous drunk couples were whiney-fighting in the walkways and I was still feeling pretty WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE despite the fact that I had discovered a redemptive cocktail (vodka + lavender syrup + cucumber + pink grapefruit soda).

But don't let that horrified feeling get you down. The next day was a perfect turnaround. The little saltwater lagoon was open and empty. There was no music bumping, all the hungover's were shuffling towards check-out and the drinks were still flowing (Charge it to the room! Charge it to the room! As if the "room" is not just your actual credit card). We had a super fun time with Jenna and Daniel (per usual), the meals were dreamy, and we spend the evening holed up on the Wilber's patio with bad snacks and smuggled-in alcohol.

The pros: The grounds are really gorgeous, the rooms are cozy and fun, the mellow pool wins, and the hotel had everything you could possibly need, right there. Had The Ace had a chapel and a priest we would not have had to leave once. The coffee was incredible, the restaurant was incredible, the bar was incredible, and it was all super easy and accessible. It seems like Sundays and weekdays are the days you would want to go in order to escape the frat party, so if we go back, it'll be then. Despite my initial description, the hotel is "baby friendly" in that they are nice about you having a baby there and all the staff coo's at you, which is always welcome if you're that mom at a hotel like this. If you go, book a patio room so you're off the walkway and be prepared to roll your eyes over and over at the hipster cliches.

Things to try: the Spa looked great and the hotel offers a private BBQ or Taco bar where they bring all the fixings + a grill to your patio and set you all up. Isn't that a great idea? Make sure you take some quintessential photo booth pics. Also the steak frite was bomb (as were the orange ricotta pancakes despite me not finishing).

The cons: Saturdays (see initial description).

But the best of all, I got to spend it with my boo. I love him so much. We can still have the best time together even at a nasty frat pool party.

We came home with new resolutions including Pilates together 3x a week (that core strength, right?) and how completely worth it it is to blow funds on getting away together.

(Apologies if you're bored with most of these pics. I couldn't help but to photo blast my way through Instagram while we were gone).


  1. This looks like a dream. I've only been back from vacation a week, but something about summer just makes getaways so appealing and wonderful. What a great way to reset!

  2. Go mid-week and it's PERFECT. Monday night Bingo!

  3. Came back for more. Still jealin

    1. HA! If you guys book the flights, I'll watch your kids so you can go. And then I'll regret that choice and ask our bb sitters to co-sit our 9 children and we will drive and meet you.

  4. Ahhh I've had that place on my list of places to go ...when we somehow find ourselves in Cali ...sans babies... and ...yeah.. probably the same chances of getting to brunch again and attend a wedding on Coronado Island. But you completely look the hipster especially with your post meal pout. I bet it was hilarious and more enjoyable than was for the whiny fratties.

    1. Oooohh a wedding on Coronado does sound dreamy!! And I think we did have more fun than all the rest;)

  5. That picture of you two on the swan makes me so happy.

  6. Love that you're saving your Parker gift certificate. On our anniversary getaway, I did some guesswork about whether our next anniversary trip would be sans baby and pre-pregnancy. #catholicmomproblems

    I love running across your cocktail recipes. Now I just have to whip up some lavender syrup...

  7. That cocktail sounds like heaven. Wow.

    So we live all of 10 minutes from Palm Springs, even go to church there (St. Theresa's), and we never do anything fun there. We both grew up in the valley and all of our friends do stuff in Palm Springs (I know this because of Instagram) but we just haven't gotten the appeal yet. But looking at your pictures and reading your post I feel we are really missing out. Maybe we should try it one of these days- just go get a hotel for a night and experience PS. It's mighty tempting right about now!

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