Monday, July 7, 2014

Just one of dem dayz

Do you remember that song? By Monica?

I always thought that song was about periods and had wondered why write a song about being on your period?? But now (literally right now) as I am listening to it with fresh, 31 year old ears, I'm realizing that it's just a song about having a bad day. It obviously has nothing to do with your period.

I titled this post "Just one of dem dayz" because tonight was a complete train wreck- not because of Monica, or periods, or my fav songs from junior high. I haven't had a train wreck night in a while. Johnny was super naughty and emotional, girls fighting, doors slamming, baby crying, crying, crying/not falling asleep, Clemmy crying, crying, choke-crying/not falling asleep, me crying/wishing I was asleep. All at the same time, husband not home, etc, blah blah.

(You know, one of those.)

Anyway, everyone was finally quite by 9:30 and so I sat down to write a bit. And I plopped down that title sort of thoughtlessly which led me to- "Hmmm, I should listen to that song (about periods) right now!!" And so I did and what do you know? All of my very important, very inspired blogness has been totally sidelined by late nineties r&b.

I think it's better that way.

Maybe you had a rough night. If you did (or didn't... you can still heed this advice even if you had a glorious evening of luxury and happiness)- maybe do the following: 1. listen to this jam 2. forget about the dishes and the sweeping up 3. tuck yourself (yo self) into that comfy bed 4. sleep.

That's me in about 15 secs, bb. Don't take it personal.


  1. Oh My Gosh....that is my whole life lately! Thank you so much, it made me laugh outloud. I do want to be all alone..but don't take it personal. THank you!

  2. Wait..... It's not about being on your period?? Are you SURE?

  3. I came over from Kendra's and I needed to read this so much, Blythe.

    One of those days for me too - children going crazy, unbelievably hot and humid weather for Germany, and our shower has broken down :-/ just what one could wish, right? Aaaghr! :-D still got time for blogs though ;-)

  4. Last night was that night for me too. My husband was calling to tell me he was getting home late, as my 3 year old was pouring the pizza sauce for dinner down the sink, and the baby was getting grumpy and crying in the Ergo. DEFINITELY one of dem days.

  5. 1) This song was in my head all day today, which did nothing but make me happy.
    2) As I was talking to Mike about blogging and what to post about tonight he said "you should do a post about Limp Bizkit". Which naturally made me think of you and this post.

    90 bands for the win!!!