Friday, July 25, 2014

Why you should spend your money on a swimsuit

I'm a big fan of the last minute. Maybe that's why I'm just now packing our JUST RECEIVED sleeping bags for our trip that starts in 4 hours. Maybe that's why I am writing about swimwear at the end of July.

I have two major cheap holdups when it comes to what I wear. I have pinched pennies so that I can buy good jeans or a nice jacket but when it comes to undies and swimwear I have tended to spend the least amount of money possible and wear them down to the threads. This is not good. Under-things are important for... reasons. I'm not in 4th grade anymore so it's time to really start caring. And I am (starting to care). But that's about as much as I am going to write about underwear. On to category 2: swimwear.

I cannot offer a good explanation as to why I haven't felt justified in spending money on a swimsuit. Perhaps its because it's seasonal (even though the season is long here in the CA sunshine). Maybe because it's not something I will wear all the time. Maybe because it's something I would have to plan for and save for. Maybe it's because my body has been in a constant state of flux for the past 8 years. Either way, I've always been able to swoon over suit but not drop change. But, in reality, I have dropped change. Just in $25 chunks at Target. Over and over and over.

This year I decided to really drop the change. I waited and I managed to budget it in and I pulled the trigger. And it was the right decision. Yes, all that good, important stuff about feeling confident, about enjoying your children, not hiding under your beach umbrella. But also yes to looking beautiful in a swimsuit! Yes to a well made garment that will last you year after year. Yes to ruching across the belly so that you have the freedom to expand/contract as you must. Yes to boyshorts because 76 reasons. Yes to a halter because flattering on anyone. Yes to the Seafolly Boyleg Maillot! Cheer! Cheer!!!

If I were really 31 I would have got it in black, like this one here. But I didn't. I went with the overwhelming garden/fruit basket pattern (see above). And I wish I could say this was a Seafolly sponsored post because I would honestly be one of those sign flippers on the street corner about this suit. I'm postpartum-y and this suit is like, "I don't give a damn, girl. Ima make you look good anyway."

(And it does)

Have you ever treated yourself to a good, good suit? Dooooooo it!! Do it! I promise you and your baby-having curves will not be sorry.

(*Happy Birthday to my sweet friend, Grace!! *Almost baby girl time, Jenna!! *No large wild animals, please!!)


  1. Ohmygosh! I want this in black! Love the boyleg cut. Not an old lady skirt ( like the one I currently own ). BTW, my swimsuit is 10 years old. : /
    Rebecca Enriquez :)
    First time *ever* commenting on a blog. Had to retype it 4 times. May very well be my last. LOL

  2. I have a similar one. The swimsuit season is even shorter in the Midwest, but a good one makes such a difference!

  3. i bought the exact same one :) - Angie Tancraitor

  4. Oh and ps- I totally agree about it hiding the postpartum imperfections. I actually bought this at around the time I was 3 mos pg with the twins and now that they are finally here, I am so looking forward to wearing it. Amazing quality and style especially for a mom who wants to be cute but appropriate at the same time. Love it! Now will you post a pic of you wearing it?! :) _ Angie T.

  5. I love the suit! I am trying to change my habits of filling my wardrobe with just-$10-at-Target-or-Walmart wear. In fact, I just bought my first pair of Spanx - the real deal - for "reasons". :) Love reading your posts!