Monday, August 25, 2014

Love Story, Part 4

You would think we would have been all cried out by now but...

we weren't.

 I remember I was *really* focused on NOT ugly crying.

(it's obviously hereditary)

The ceremony was perfect, minus the loud bounce house full of bouncing children in the yard directly above ours. It's actually totally fitting now... as our life is an actual bounce house full of bouncing children.

(This was obviously a momentary lapse in emotion.)

Even after the the ceremony, as we got ready for pictures, it was a continuous cycle of now crying, freshly cried, crying again... really excessive.

Our reception was in our next door neighbor's backyard. Every one picked up a chair and walked over. It was sparkly and magical. I'll never forget it.

I always loved these sneaky, hidden shots of us being all alone.

And then people started making toasts and it was just a constant stream of this...




 and this.


At this point we started to party, which was, like, doctors orders...

We stayed until the bitter end and had the best, best, best time.

And then we left in our sunscreen-drenched car with our family and friends all around us. Super in love, super married, not crying.

 June 18, 2005.


  1. Gorgeous! I love the pictures from your reception!
    When you guys converted did you have a Catholic wedding? Because that could be Love Story Part 5! :)

    1. Aw no. This one ended up being totally legit sonnwe just stuck with the one;)

  2. I love the candles/lights during your reception. I was wondering if you had permission to marry outside of Catholic Church, then I read the comment above and realized you converted later on. :)

  3. I knew I loved you for a reason! :) We have the exact same wedding day and isn't 10 years in 2015 exciting?
    Well, I don't have 5 kids (yet??) just 4 but I home school and am Catholic and my girls would love some friends like you guys! :)
    Anyways, I have loved reading your love story. Real life ones are so beautiful!
    God bless, Blythe!

  4. Ad for bounce house rentals on my screen

    PS Very sweet! Thanks for sharing

  5. Oh my gosh, I just sat down and read the entire story. Beautiful, so beautiful Blythe. I'm so happy your two found each other - sounds like Kirby is quite the guy. Love your story!

  6. Please continue sending love stories and beautiful photos to my inbox daily. What a gorgeous bride and handsome groom! And the lights and candles (!!!). So lovely...thank you :).

  7. Wow. You look exactly the same. Daddo too. Bear and Kirbs...another story.

    I forgot how magical it looked - and nearly forgot about the nightmarish bounce house. Where's those Santa Ana's when you need em?

  8. So lovely. I wish I could read a new chapter every day.

  9. The "everyone picked up a chair and walked over." The peonies. The sneaky romantic alone shots. The #shitshow. The dancing and joy. Oh I just loved it all, as well as the other 3 parts of the story. Thank you for sharing!!

  10. So much love radiating! And that hashtag, perfection :)

  11. Love it! Your dress was stunning and you both look so so happy beautiful!

  12. Lovely couple, lovely wedding, lovely day. Now a lovely, loving marriage and life together.

  13. Just found you via Patton Camp tonight and read all four parts of your love story! Loved it so much!! So beautiful. Also nice to know I wasn't the only one having meltdowns after non-proposal weekends back in the day. ;) Thanks for keeping it real!

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