Tuesday, October 14, 2014

4 out of 100 // 2, Bridget Hunt

It's always so cool when someone says they are going to do a series on other bloggers and then they disappear off to Arizona for a sunny weekend getaway with great friends and husband and baby with no other kids and all they do is sleep and snack and lay by a pool. So sorry, but... not really.

The last evening at The Hundred I was lucky enough to eat dinner next to Bridget. And you know how it is, sometimes you meet people and they are fascinating or funny or nice to talk to but that's it, and sometimes they are all those things and you feel like you really just met a friend. We talked about husbands and kids and labor and how good our grilled cheeses were and I walked away from The Hundred really wishing she and I were not on opposite coasts (although she's promised me drinks in Boston someday and I am holding her to it). Her story is incredible. If you don't already follow her and love her, start now. I know you will.

How long have you been blogging? What was your inspiration?

Funny enough, the Oprah show.  God, I miss her bad.  Anyway, she had a blogger on by the name of Stephanie Nielsen.  NieNie Dialogues.  I was fascinated with her story and after the show ended, went straight to her blog.  I must've spent hours there in her archives.  I realized that blogs are colorful and creative and not the boring fuddy-duddy sites I thought they were.  So then!  I started my own.

I've been blogging since August 2009.  Woah!

Was there a moment was you knew that your blog had transitioned into something that would require more of you? What was that like you for?

I think when I had actual deadlines and that there was some money at stake to meet those deadlines I realized, "okay, this is a little bit like a job."  It took a long time to get there though.  Blogging is still 90% fun for me and maybe 10% job-like, however.  I think it was a good feeling, knowing I'm contributing a little bit to the actual financial piece of life in our home.  

Have you approached any difficult transitions as a blogger? Particularly as life has changed (pregnancies, birth, etc)? How have you weathered those seasons?

I definitely have approached some strange transitions as a blogger.  I've been blogging since 2009--William and Lindsey were young kids then!   Now, they are now heading full force into the teen years!!  Where it was once appropriate to talk a little bit about parenting them, it's something I have to be much more careful with now (even though, in so many ways, the camaraderie -- that readers who are also parenting teens could offer -- would be priceless!).  Nevertheless, it's never worth the risk of hurting or humiliating them.  So, the blog has become a bit more about me (self-centered, perhaps?!  So be it!), family life in general, pregnancy, food, etc.  Their absence on the blog is not indicative of my feelings for them, however.  Naysayers would probably like to think so.  Rather, it's just a more private time in their lives, and even though they haven't asked for it, I'm respecting boundaries!  Same goes for Nathaniel and Jordan.  It's been a learning process--what does and doesn't work, and even though my readers would probably like to hear more about the step parenting side of my life, it's just not worth it.

What does your husband think of your blog?

Steve is a totally supportive blogger's husband.  That sounds so stupid.  But really, he is!  When I need him to take pictures, take over at home so I can get some writing done, whatever, he's on board.  He reads it every day (so he says--I think he reads it every few days).  

What was the most rewarding part of being a host of The Hundred?

The most rewarding thing about being a host of The Hundred was meeting in the flesh and not just on the internet.  Blogging come to life!  It can be a very lonely pastime, you know!

If this was all over tomorrow (the internet? I dunno), what would you miss the most about being a blogger?

The feedback and community, the immediate response.  Like today's post.  Parenting a toddler.  Right away I have a whole slew of women who are able to say, "Yep.  Me too.  I'm going through that with my three year old as well."  That alone, even if it's not hands-on advice, is priceless.  Plus, I've made some incredible friendships through my blog.  To think I could not know those women if I'd never started one?!  Crazy.

*all photos either stolen from Bridget or Awake Photography for The Hundred

Thanks for this, Bridget!!

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  1. She's such a lovely person, as are you. Thanks for sharing, Blythe & Bridget!

  2. Bridget is such a priceless gem! Warm, disarmingly funny, and beautiful. It's really not fair that she gets all these good qualities. Thanks for posting this Blythe!

  3. Whatb is the hundred?

  4. Blyyyyyyyyythe. Thanks so much for having me -- and thanks Nell and Katie for your sweetness up there too. And ANONYMOUS - The hundred was only THE BIGGEST BLOGGING EVENT OF THE YEAR. (jk--Dallas blogging event in August. Tis all.)