Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Weepables

Well, guys. Christmas is upon us. I am finally feeling better, officially in my second trimester, and at the height of my hormonal potential. I am generally a cryer but pregnancy takes it to a whole new level. Advent and approaching Christmastime has taken my "tender state" to another, whole new level. It's been pretty exhilarating time for the immediate members of my family, I'm sure. I figure it would only be right to spread the joy to you all. Because I missed you, I really did.

So, here are my go-to Christmas Weepables. In no particular order.

1. Christmas Flash Mobs.

The students from Thomas Aquinas College went into a nearby mall and sang glorious Christmas carols. They filmed it and I watched it and I CRIED MY EYES OUT. N*joy.

2. Speaking of N*Joying things, the N* Sync Christmas Album has been making me cry. Really. The opening notes of "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" brings with it an unstoppable wave of early 2000's nostalgia and tears. Tears (not joking). I am just going to go ahead and embed it right here because it's that important.

3. An Orange for Frankie

This freaking book. I seriously wept while reading this to my now mildly traumatized children. Particularly at the end. I wept. This is not an understatement. It was horrible. Do you have this book? Is it possible to ever read it without crying? I don't believe you.

4. The Little Fir Tree

Um, once again. Spoiler alert but you cannot give me a little boy who cannot walk and a father who hunts him down his own Christmas Tree in the snowy wilderness and not expect crying. I hate it so good! (You need to own both of these books, by the way. They are so wonderful/awful.)

5. Every Christmas Book.

I am realizing that just naming individual books here is probably a waste of my time and your time. Pretty much every book we have read this season has made me cry to varying degree with the exception of Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree . That and the one where all the woodland creatures stuff themselves into the red mitten. That one is pretty safe, too. Maybe I am heartless after all. Add all the movies into this cry category, too. I can't think of one that doesn't make me cry at some point... (Elf- when they sing in the streets at the end and Buddy's dad joins in and everyone truly believes. Home Alone- when Kevin meets the scary neighbor at the church while his granddaughter is singing. Love Actually- all of it. Etc, etc)

6. The fake snow at Disneyland.

This experience has yet to come to pass, but it will. We decided to take our kids to Disneyland this year as our gift to them. So on the evening of the 27th, when you are nuzzled up with a hot drink, gazing out at real snow. Know that I will be packed in a crowd on Main Street, U.S.A, listening to lame-ass "Christmas is the season of wonder"-type music being pumped out on loudspeakers while soap suds fall from the sky. And think of me.

I will be crying.

If I'm not able to give you a real "Merry Christmas!" tomorrow after we have forced our kids to pose together for a photo before mass, then Merry Christmas, everyone. Truly. Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh my gosh. I am in the same 17 week boat. Commercials have been hitting me hard - kids all reuniting at mom and dad's for a celebration all together - I'm a hot mess.

  2. Oh my lands the flash mobs. They get me every time.

  3. My last two pregnancies my only weepable was Harrison Ford. Just the thought of him in general would make me burst into a full body, heaving cry. That's why I suspected that I might be pregnant last time, actually. I saw him on tv and started tearing up. True story.

  4. I am not pregnant, and I'm not generally a crier, but flash mobs get me all.the.time.

  5. An Orange for Frankie.....I can't even. I can make it through The Little Fir Tree but An Orange for Frankie? Forget it. Daddy has to read it because Mom will blubber through it.

  6. Literally stifling my laughter at work right now. The weeping! I called it my "ugly cry" during pregnancy...and since too, because this mama's hormones have kept a-raging and I spiral into an ugly cry so dang quickly. This Christmas I had the masochistic tendency to listen to "Welcome to Our World," sung by Amy Grant circa 1999, on repeat. While ugly crying. Thank God for the emotional stability of my husband. Need to stop there or I'll start ugly crying.

  7. I am just glad the Christmas commercials are over. Any one that has someone coming home and surprising his/her family on Christmas morning makes me BAWL. Or any one that involves a dog wearing a Santa hat. I cannot handle it!

  8. Do NOT go see the new Annie movie if the old one has any childhood nostalgia for you. I blame the baby, but I was definitely the lady in the theatre sniffing back sobs. I also started checking my phone during commercials at Christmas time. I'm so sick of crying at a sales pitch for a new car!

  9. Ha ha! Happy New Year to you all!

  10. bahahahaa! love it. I've never been pregnant, but I can totally imagine myself being the same way.

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