Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Blue eyes

My baby turned four months old on Monday.

He has blue eyes.

I know blue is just another color for eyes but out of all of our extended family members and our five other kids, he and my mom are the only two with them.

All of us, we are a sea of chocolate brown and hazel. But not Joe. He's got blue.

This means a lot to me for all the standard cuteness reasons but mostly for one big, huge, important reason and that is that he is a sixth baby. And sixth babies are not common anymore. Sixth babies are rare. And they are a little terrifying! The sixth baby catapults you into the zone of for real crazy when it comes to what is an "appropriate" family size in the modern day. Four kids is crazy, five is crazy-crazy, six is ... crazy. And many, many people never, ever get close to having a number six. Lucky for me, I did. He is my sixth baby and he has blue eyes.

And life is not easy! Some days are hard. Some days all I am left with is a desperate prayer to God to get us through it. But no matter how rough or wild life is, I can always look down into the eyes of this blue-eyed boy. The sixth. One I might never have had. The blue-eyed baby I might never had known. Someone totally unique, someone irreplaceable, someone who broke the mold.

I'll take all the difficult moments for him.

And when I see my kids all gathered around their baby, showering him with kisses and peppering the atmosphere with boisterous, flailing antics in a desperate attempt to get him to laugh, I know they would, too. They would take the tricky days for this blue-eyed boy. This sixth.


  1. Congratulations gain Blythe!! Your life and the whole world will be blessed through the life of this precious 6th baby! Thank you for being brave

  2. Love this! I am having my sixth in December, and it is definitely hard some (most?) days. But you are right on, each of them is unique and unrepeatable and I am so glad they are here.

  3. I wish I had a 6th baby. Once you survive the craziness of the "tunnel years" - more is better.

  4. This is awesome! We all have blue eyes except my husband and my seventh-- who have green. I didn't think it was possible to have a green eyed baby until she came along. But God knew.

  5. This is awesome! We all have blue eyes except my husband and my seventh-- who have green. I didn't think it was possible to have a green eyed baby until she came along. But God knew.

  6. Beautifully written! I wish more people thought this about children.

  7. I hope hope hope I get to know the joy of a sixth child! Expecting number four now.

  8. I also hope and pray for the blessing of a 6th child and one with blue eyes would be great as ALL of our family and extended family have either hazel or blue eyes (I have hazel and my husband has blue), but, 4 of 5 of our children have brown eyes! The other child has hazel (but had blue for almost a year). I've heard that eye color is complicated as it's not just color genes but amount of color pigment genes as well (I have a friend who has brown eyes and her husband does too and their firstborn has blue!) :)

  9. We just had our fourth and the comments we get now have evolved from, "Oh, how cute!" to "Oh, all yours?!" I think the fact they are all girls adds some hot sauce to it. Congratulations :).

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  11. My little boy has blue eyes and I get what you're saying too- they may be normal for a lot of families but in mine in a group of like 20 people my mom is the only one with blue eyes and of coarse my hubby- when we started dating and up till we had our kid (about 9 years) I always said like out loud "please Lord can our baby one day have Warren's (my hubby) eyes" and well those blue eyes in a family of dominant french genes felt like a miracle.. Also though having him changed us so much and made us want a billion kids and just that family is everything so I don't know it just feels magical haha.

  12. Whoa, that's so cool you have a blue-eyed baby! My parents, five siblings, and myself all have the same blue eyes, so I like blue eyes a lot :)

  13. I'm the oldest of 6 kids and we all have brown eyes. But my second child, a son, has blue eyes! and it is kind of cool too. He's a pretty cute toddler. :) But I do understand about the craziness, but amazingness of 6 children. I loved growing up in a large family.

  14. What a precious blue eyed sixth baby he is! We've only been allowed to adopt two children so amid all the crazy comments remember that some people are looking on with longing and joy in seeing a big family x

  15. Thanks for this :') my Joseph is only a couple of weeks older than your Joseph (I swear I didn't know!) and he's my third. Everything has gotten so much busier that while we're still open to life, I've gotten so afraid of the future. How will we afford them, how will I function. My husband is not so afraid, he's from a large Catholic family, but I'm not. Reading this and your other new post, I'm going to put on my miraculous medal and hope and pray.


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    delicious blue eye! Ohhh what a beautiful baby!
    Watch their expression!

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