Thursday, August 4, 2016

O holy day

Today our little one was baptized. I always get so sappy on baptism days so I've just gotta ride this wave and post, post, POST all the gorgeous photos my ***godson*** ***who is five*** took (well, he took most of them). Since we are converts and weren't baptized as infants ourselves, there is something so totally profound about the reminder of what this sacrament actually does- that we are able to fold our babies right into the heritage of faith through our choice to baptize them. It always hits me like a ton of bricks when I find myself standing near that font with a new baby in my arms.

If this doesn't make sense to you, know this (quickie overview)- we still believe they have to continue to choose the faith as they mature and learn to know and love God. Completely. But we can cover them in the grace of our Christian heritage, and claim them for Jesus, and wipe away the stain of original sin that marks us all before we know baptism. I always believed that (kinda sorta) but now I get to give that gift to my babies from the earliest age and I am so, so grateful.

ANYWAY (me getting off my apologetics horse)- whether you believe in/practice infant baptism or NOT, we can all gush over these pics, right?
*I do highly recommend it though, I really do.

Godmama Jenna came in like a champ with the baptismal gown bc I realized last second I had no idea where ours was (eyeroll). She also brought a nice button down for Joe since he's a forever baby and has no big kid clothes (or shoes). Will I ever get my act together?? Answer only in your head, please.

Also, PS this amazing priest is Father Paul Donlan. He has been my spiritual director for years and he has pulled me from a zillion pits of despair and emotional/psychological/spiritual muck and I adore him. Tomorrow is the
54th anniversary of his ordination and we are so lucky to have a guy like him around, still fighting the good fight. He baptized baby Joe and we booked him again for Francis PAUL whose name is not coincidental. I hope baby Francis can spend many years in the shadow of this great man.

Sap, sap, sap! Told ya.

(I'm posting all the pics cause I just couldn't choose my favorites.)

(And how cute is Oliver Wilber?? Hand on baby in every shot. Such a lover!)



  1. That is amazing!! Congratulations Francis and to you Blythe! What a beautiful event!! Welcome to the family little one!

  2. That is amazing!! Congratulations Francis and to you Blythe! What a beautiful event!! Welcome to the family little one!

  3. Shut up. He is so gorgeous. I really must write Gus' birth story so I can then throw up all his baptism pics because AMEN to emotional mamas on baptism days.

  4. Love!!! I'm a convert too, and all of my other kids were baptized older (ages 1.5 to 4), shortly before I was. When my newest little guy was baptized in July, I was so amazed at how sweet and amazing and beautiful it was. So were my girls' baptisms, and so was mine, but his, as such a tiny baby, was just differently wonderful. Congratulations on your new little one. He is precious!

  5. Lovely baby, lovely day! Baptisms make me a puddle of tears too -- thankfulness, awe, hormones, its all there! Congratulations to you all and to the new child of God, Francis Paul!

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  9. So, I just read your blog back to the beginning, is that creepy? Maybe? Forget I said that. And don't worry if someone in Seattle did lots of reading on your blog, it wasn't me:) anyway, these photos are the absolute sweetest thing ever! I teared up at them and I don't even completely understand infant baptism. And I have like two hundred questions re: your conversion (is that the right way to say that? I have no idea). Heading to the library to check out a book on early church history now.

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