Friday, August 19, 2016

PP Spendfest 2k16

I have a leedle problem with postpartum online shopping. I don't know if it's the many hours I log in bed or some residual nesting runoff, but I always start ticking away at a long list of things we need and don't need via the interwebs after I've had a baby. Click click clicking my way into financial ruin. I always forget a thing or two or more for my postpartum stockpile and I always end up needing a thing or two or more because you never can quite foresee what your bod is going to be asking for after you've pushed a baby out of it. Sometimes it's more pads, sometimes it's tucks, sometimes it's new earrings. You just never know!

Anyway, I'm (read: my budget) is a bit tapped out this go round but I thought a fun way to satiate my desire to continue shopping AND do something good for the whole of femaledom would be to curate a postpartum shopping list. So I'mma do it. Here is everything I think you need for after baby comes... that I've actually used... which probably isn't much. Not like in a Parenting magazine kind of way but in a real life, stop telling me I need all that ish, kinda way.

I'll even make categories bc I'm orderly like that.



1. I have been living in this nursing bra by Lamaze. It's super soft and comfy - not too tight around your ribs which I HATE. Plus the little twist at the bottom makes the look a tish cuter than your average all-cotton nursing bra. Plus it's $8. Get yourself a few.

2. For the inside of your nursing bra, get these reusable nursing pads. They are much softer than other brand's disposables. And you'll need them... you really will. Don't wait to learn that lesson the crappy way.

3. Maybe don't ask why you need this nip cream. Maybe just get it just in case, even if you've had, sayyyyy, six other babies and you don't think you could ever possibly need this again. For whatever it is this is for.

4. PADS. Do not try and use washable pads. You will be bleeding like a mofo and filling your little bathroom trash to the brim over and over again. If you have your baby in a hospital, use their jumbo elephant pads until you run out, then move on to these. Double up in width if you need to THAT'S NORMAL AND WE'VE ALL DONE IT. When your bleeding has abated some more, move on to these, and finally, and for the longest amount of time, these. If it were me, I would stockpile two packs of each size. You want to have them all on hand if your bleeding picks up or mellows out. If it mellows out and you can move out of your diaper and onto the thin guys YOU WILL WANT TO. So keep 'em around. ALSO- If cool feels good on your bum, wet a few opened pads with witch hazel and pop them in you freezer.

5. Witch Hazel (see above).

6. Motrin & Prep h. Listen I'm not saying you will for sure need it, but if you do end up needing it you will be glad, nay, ecstatic, to have had it tucked in a drawer somewhere where the sun don't shine. I prefer to order all things from Amazon both for convenience and the humiliation factor. When you're waddling around with XL pad on and a saggy belly, the last thing you need is more of humiliation. As for the Motrin, you can take up to 800 mg in a 12 hour period, so, imbibe.

7. I already mentioned Booby Tubes. I had never used them before this baby and they are def on my must have list. Pop them in the microwave for instant relief from engorgement or if you feel a breast infection or clogged duct coming on. You can also wear them cold for... I don't know what. But hot was great. Get 'em.

8. On behalf of my southside, let me tell you that this is the bomb. I used it in conjunction with this (which is made by the sister of the sweetest, Nell). Which together create to a lovely combo of soothed and numb/tingley and all the healing sensations. Regardless of the extent of your wear 'n tear (no pun intended), these two are really kinda essential to have on hand.

9. Tight undies. Lol, this is no joke. Last baby round I mentioned how much I was loving these but they can be extra super duper tight which isn't always what you need most. Just last week, I bought a pair of these ones and they are still nice and snug but not as spanxey. A friend of mine who is recently postpartum mentioned how her belly felt like a "jumble of gurgling organs" to which I say YES AND TRUE. Wrapping up that belly can be so relieving. I wrap mine in this cheapy thing everyday for an hour or two in the morning (or until I feel tooooo constrained) and like to spend my off time in some tight high-waisted granny panties. Classy and chic as eva.

10. Comfy but cute pants. I've been living in these Gap Body modal jogger-type pants. They are butter soft and not so gnarly looking that you can't get up and wander around feeling like a kinda normal person. For all the practicals, it's nice to have something cute and functional to slip into/potentially bleed on.

11. This.




(here is where I realize I buy more things for myself than for my baby....)




Oh OH I would drop some change on a swaddle by Nell. How freaking cute. She sent me one because her heart is the size of Alaska and I love it. (1.)

2. I also always love to splurge on a new sleeper from Kickee Pants because they are the softest and the butt flaps are exceptionally cute. This is all I've bought baby Francis so I figure one nice sleeper vs all the hand-me-downs just kind of evens out.

3. Pacis. Pacis. Pacis. Even if you have sworn against them, maybe some night at 3 am you will suddenly change your mind.

4. My favorite wrap for littles is for sure the Solly. I know there are a million kinds that all seem exactly the same but this one is super, duper soft and lightweight and quality.

5. My favorite diapers are whatever anyone gives me as a present/is free:)

WOW. What a lame list of baby needs. Obvs most of those are not needs but what does a new baby need anyway besides snuggles and sustenance? Nada. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


{one eye game hella strong}


  1. Such a cutie!!!!!!! And you're hilarious. Pads double wide and bleeding like a mofo. That will be me in a few months.

    Thanks for the shout out love. You're the sweetest.

  2. Oh my gosh, this is me after I have a baby. What else are you supposed to do when you're in bed all day and the baby just sleeps all the time. And your body doesn't fit into anything at all? Online shopping haha.

  3. I am always stumped when it comes to postpartum pads. I seem to always be pregnant or nursing (no periods for me while nursing) so I only ever need pads for postpartum. I NEVER remember what to buy. For my last baby (#6, currently 10 months old) I was told to try Depends. I was totally skeptical but I bought a store brand version to try it out. My postpartum world will never be the same. I didn't even use the 2x4's from the hospital. The adult diapers were that awesome. So take note, make a "next baby" wish list on Amazon. Depends for the win.

    1. Oh my goodness! I have never heard this. Must ... Try... Depends...

    2. Yes! Depends are the best for the postpartum bleeding. They are really very comfortable and discreet. And they don't shift around like the giant pad/mesh panty combo.

    3. Yes! Depends are the best for the postpartum bleeding. They are really very comfortable and discreet. And they don't shift around like the giant pad/mesh panty combo.

  4. Nursing bras are the bane of my existence. I swear there have to be some other women in the world with my shape who have had to nurse babies and thus envelop their circus boobs but apparently not because I have tried every nursing bra on the market and... Nope. Nada. Nursing tanks (Gilligan & O'Malley from Target) were the only thing that worked but they're bulky under stuff and it's just a BAD SITCH!

    1. Hate them!! These Lamaze ones are really comfy though! (Wearing one now ;)

  5. My midwife suggested adult diapers. No worrying about leaking. Great for cozying in bed all day.

    1. Yes this is kinda changing my whole worldview... Def gonna try them next time!

  6. HAHA - amazing. So much of what we're all thinking. My husband begged to not go into the drugstore for prep H. I didn't trust him with a noname brand jjjjussstt in case because EMERGENCY. I'm curious about this belly tucker inner thing. My sister has been telling me to get the belly bandit because my organs seem to find their place again days 3-7days pp and just ouch. I think i'll give it a try, along with booby tubes. As much as I love shoving a head of cabbage in my bra along with double ZZ breasts, this seems more acceptable. Good read, thanks!

    1. Hahah!!! You'd think it would be ouch but it's actually super nice to feel so confined. lol on the cabbage boobs.

  7. The Gap joggers. My summer life has been lived in these pants. All colors. Mine. Yes.

  8. Look up "love to swaddle". My baby went from not being able to sleep anywhere but in my arms to nursing to sleep in 5 minutes flat!!