Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Hey hey! It's Wednesday and man does it feel like Wednesday. The talk went great! I think. People laughed at me which is basically all I could ever ask for (poor priorities? Maybe...) I keep replaying what I said in my head and I thinkkkkk it all made sense. I think... Anyway, the one thing I did learn is massive amounts of my functional abilities were handicapped in the talk prep/stress/prep/execution that by Monday I found myself pretty behind on life. House managers do not do themselves any favors when their energy is elsewhere, that's fu sho. For all my previous life is dreammmmmy and eassssy days this week has been a relative shit show thus far. But it's only Wednesday and I did spend yesterday morning Craigslisting... again. All for a good cause. And more on the talk soon, btw!

I though I would just hodge-podge a little currently-style post and then get back to folding laundry so here goes!

Currently loving: my CL chairs and subsequent finished seating area. Pretty much finished, at least. I could use a better rug situation but this is what I have so I'm going with it. The rattan hoop chairs make me soooo happy and here is why - I almost bought them at Target in June when we moved but didn't because they had a pretty nice price tag even for Target. But I almost instantly had major regret over them! Especially when I saw similar ones in the lobby at The Parker in Palm Springs (the decor is bonkers good). Anyway, they flew off the shelves at Target and that was that UNTIL someone hawked a pair on CL for $25 a piece. Holla.

chrome floor lamp / faux sheepskin / cool similar chair / pillow + pillow / cute basket

Currently eating: Tj's new artisan bread any chance I get. It is made of yeast, flour, water and salt. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?

Cuurently reading: Just started Kristin Lavransdatter. I know I know!! I'm a convert, remember? It makes me a little slower on the uptake in generally every category. I've only read about 4 pages but I can tell I'm going to love it and that it will be perfect for fall.

Currently reading to the kids: The Mysterious Benedict Society which we are all totally loving. Kirby is reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle while he puts the boys to bed. No idea how that's going.

Currently annoyed by: Peter's new found fondness of smearing things into things. This morning alone was a back to back avocado all over the kitchen floor situation followed by a banana all over the carpet and Francis situation. Pete! Such a stinker. He has been wearing a plastic Dodger's nacho bowl as a hat for a week straight even though he sweats profusely under it. I can't be too mad at him. As for Francis, he didn't care in the slightest.

Currently rejoicing over: the fact that above two year old has decided to start napping again. Praise be.

Currently listening to: My brother's new record - Signs of Light! Which is killing in on the charts, btw. Go Kenny! Also, Bishop Barron's podcast on the daily. It's perfect to stick in my back pocket while I'm tidying up. A favorite part of my routine rn, tbh (thx, J, 4 the rec).

Currently watching: Just finished season 2 of Jane the Virgin and I'm super ready for the 3rd.... kinda the perfect fall tv fix. Also, Kirby spontaneously pulled the trigger on a new tv which is VERY unlike him. It was surprisingly inexpensive which... I'm happy about but also don't quite know what the catch is. Maybe it will spontaneously combust in 3 months. All I know is it has made television viewing much more enjoyable than our wonky old box propped up on a programming manual.

Currently wearing: My newest trusty jeans and these Madewell sandals which were an impulse buy that I DO NOT REGRET. They are so cute and comfy and the look with my high-waisted, high-waters is my favorite right now. Perfect transitional fall combo especially with the other impulse purchase that I failed to tell you about  (also from the Madewell sale with an extra 30% off thank youuuu Jesusssss). SO, SO CUTE.

Currently looking forward to: Big Sur in a week and half, my brother's show at the Greek, and fall. Fall!

Currently wanting: This bag! I did just get this cute little purse from Old Navy so that'll just have to do for now... or forever. (Someone help me justify a $140 bag purchase...)

Currently doing: my laundry on M,W, F. This schedule has really been working for us! I bust it out three days a week and the work load is never too much. It seems like a good combo of work vs time off which I really prefer on the off days. I'm always trying to figure out the best way to get stuff done around here and I like not constantly worrying about switching out another load which is helped by having a sched. Do you have any good big family laundry tips? (I want/should prob buy this book book, right? And every other book in the customers who viewed this also viewed section.)

That's a wrap, babes. Make sure you check out The Haul this week (it's a good one)



  1. I love that Old Navy purse! I wish I had advice for you on the laundry but I'm currently frealing out about how I'll manage with a new baby (our first lol) to even attempt to imagine laundry for so many people

  2. As for laundry, we have 7 kids also, we do one load every night of what everyone wore that day. I toss colors, whites, whatever all together and if it doesn't survive the. It was t meant to be! HA! Also my oldest is 13 and he actually does the laundry part and then I fold it-heaven! The kids older than 5 put away their own pile of clothes and me or the hubs put away the littles. Hope that helps?

    1. Oh I like that! When do you fold/put away? Same night or the following?

  3. When you finish Kristin, please share your thoughts? I read it over the summer and find myself in a lone camp of not being as fond of Sigrid's writing as others.

  4. I love Currently posts!! And the banana baby just made my day. Hugs, mama.

    1. Me, too!! There are so mindless... which is nice.

  5. I only have three kids (so far) but take care of extras every week day.arge family logistics changed my life as a homemaker. Highly recommend it!

  6. I only have three kids (so far) but take care of extras every week day.arge family logistics changed my life as a homemaker. Highly recommend it!

  7. I wash and dry clothes nearly every day (sometimes multiple loads/day) but only fold 2-3 times per week while watching a show or listening to a podcast. I despise putting clothes way (and my kids seemed to inherit that gene ) so this way we only have to do it 2-3 times a week. Also, when my kids choose to "parent" each other in a sassy way, they get to "parent" by taking care of laundry. I have separate clean baskets and dirty baskets so when clean gets full, we are forced to fold.

  8. I just borrowed the logistics book from a friend - I'm only a 1/4 of a way through but I think I like it although I haven't actually done anything she recommends soooooo :/ Also, going to start book 2 of KL for Fall woohoo!

  9. Hi Blythe, what was your talk on, and where? Do you spreak often? I'd love to hear you speak one day!

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