Thursday, September 1, 2016


Hey heyyyyyy. I have a smallish window of time today so I'm gonna keep this post realsimple and basic and boring for you. We are taking off this afternoon to watch my brother and his band shoot a music video which should be super fun(ner than this post). I always want to take the kids to see him perform but all the shows are at, like, nighttime and I always want to go have fun without my children soooo anyway you're understanding my point, right? The point is that they never see their uncle playing music.

The band's new record is coming out next week and they are shooting a video for one of the songs today and so I am taking the three big kids to go watch. Maybe I'll even charge my phone enough to take photos for a post about it! Maybe...

Anyway, wow what a long winded intro as to why I'm writing a quickie post.

If that's any indication of how the rest of this is going to go... mea culpa.

THE POINT: I am aging, you guys. Like, for real. Part of me feels like I am aging beyond the point at which a typical 33 year old is aged. 7 babies? Maybe?
The three most obvious issues are 1. grey hairs (which I have embraced... so far) 2. wrinkly hands (have yet to figure this out) and 3. wrinkles, age spots, dull skin aka MY ENTIRE FACE. My first awakening came as I read an article written by the founder of some super high end skin care line. She mentioned the importance of caring for your décolleté and I had absolutely NO IDEA what a décolleté was and it horrified me. There is a part of me that needs to be cared for and I don't even know what it's called? Go ahead, google it.

I'll wait.

At this point I had only been washing my face with water and cleansing my décolleté with nothing and so one of my postpartum care goals was figure this shit out.

Naturally I went straight to GOOP because who better to ask how to care for your aging skin than Gwynnie and the people she employs? I researched some of the top recommendations that were somewhere near the realm of affordable and picked three products- a cleanser, moisturizer for nighttime and a vitamin C serum for day. NOTE: the only reason I bought the Vit C serum was because the opening sentence of the article that referenced it read something like "anyone with skin knows they MUST use vit c serum and if not they are a total f'ing idiot, etc etc." or something like that. The first thing in my cart was that damn serum...


It's working.

I have only been using this holy trinity for maybe 3.5 weeks and I noticed a difference after the first week or so! My skin looks brighter and softer and more glowy and let me tell you a little glowy skin goes a long way for a girl who can't button her pants. Of course I spent way more than I'd like but I'm only using a teensy bit of each product and I know they will last a long time. Plus, results! Hello! HELLO?!?!!

Anyway, there is my post on that. I know I turn to strangers on the internet for advice on all my biggest purchases (hence, GOOP) so I figure you do, too. If you're looking for a new skin care regiment, or any skin care regiment, try these. Your face and décolleté will thank you. Harr harrrrr.

(for your convenience) (price trigger warning}
1. Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum
2. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer
3. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil

I am scared to ask this question for fear of more purchases but... anything essential that I'm missing??


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  2. I LOVE the Countertime Collection from Beautycounter for anti-aging. Cost-effective, high-performing, and non-toxic! Plus I love their mission and they have a great rewards program for loyal customers! Let me know if I can send you samples!

  3. And don't even get me started on how amazing their Charcoal Cleansing bar is.......and it lasts FOREVER.

  4. I love the Juice Beauty product line. I use the Cleansing Milk (as a face wash), Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer, Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment and as a special treat the Green Apple Peel. I credit this line with transforming my break-out prone, rapidly ageing skin (read:fine lines & wrinkles appearing fast) into skin that got this 40 (almost 41) year old carded at the grocery store last week while I wasn't wearing any makeup at all.

    1. Whoa this is good to hear!! If you could recommend one extra product for me, which would it be?

    2. If you need to take off makeup or get breakouts, I'd go with the Cleansing Milk. If not, the eye treatment is very refreshing.

    3. If you need to take off makeup or get breakouts, I'd go with the Cleansing Milk. If not, the eye treatment is very refreshing.

  5. Wow that is crazy expensive!! (The Vit C stuff tempted me). I use dermologica and Egyptian Magic. But I think I need more sleep to keep having good skin. I am 30 with 4 kids and until now my skin was always awesome but this year I feel like I look more tired and always have to wear makeup. Thanks for the recos!

  6. Love this!! I too am 33 (7 pregnancies but only 4 kids) and am just now feeling like I am truly aging.. Even though mentally I still feel 21.. I keep forgetting the fact that I'm not basically in college! Thanks for the suggestions!

  7. I wish you had acne (like I do) so I could just use whatever you told me to buy for that. I'm almost 32 and I have more acne since I turned 30 than I did as a teenager. (Actually, I had no acne as a teenager, which I guess is why I'm paying now.) I have no idea what to buy to deal with this but I feel totally not-put-together and I feel like I need to figure this out. Sigh.

    1. Thanks for this post as I had never heard of a decollete or vitamin c serum! Let me know what you figure out about hair stuff cause mine is frizzy and straight and're basically going to be my goop now!

    2. I have been using this oil cleansing method for my face for 2 years & swear by it! it works wonders on adult acne!

  8. There are way cheaper vitamin C serums out there, several are on Vitacost. I also really like the Acure Organics brand. It is affordable, non-toxic, and affordable. Their brightening face scrub is fantastic!

  9. Aveda biokinetics line is nice and sorta moderately priced. a little goes a long way at least. I like the toner spray and just started using the lotion and eye cream. I'm 33 with ONE kid and feel like yeah aging is happening. I know I can get my youthful glow back, I just have a few nagging habits that keep my health sub-par.

    1. Hm. See. I was totally underwhelmed by that toner :(

  10. oops, botanical kinetics is the name. ��


  12. I love Paula's choice, especially their AHA products. Amazing exfoliation!

    I don't see it here, but I'm guessing you also wear something with a good SPF on your face everyday? If not, essential for anti-aging! I love EltaMD.

  13. Hi Blythe, I just turned 40 & hear you on the dull skin. I am all about natural products and basically if I can't eat it, I won't wear it :) Since I started this 2 years ago, at age 38, I have noticed an improvement in my skin...I have less breakouts and more glow. I make most of my own facial products, which sounds crazy & time consuming, but it's not really.

    I wash my face with oil a few times a week and sometimes add a teaspoon of sugar for a natural scrub:

    Every day I use a witch hazel & vitamin c toner. I use it as a cleanser morning & night and if I do the oil wash too, I use this after the oil wash:

    Then my homemade facial moisturizer is:
    1 tsp. argan oil
    1 tsp. almond oil
    1 tsp. rosehip oil
    2 tsp. aloe vera
    2 tsp. vegetable glycerin
    4,000 IU vitamin E (I buy the capsules in 1,000 IU and pierce them open)
    1/2 tsp vitamin c powder
    300 mg CO Q-10 (I buy 100 mg capsules & pierce them open)
    1 tsp hyaluronic acid (I buy Watts Beauty on Amazon)

    I put it in a little 2 oz pump bottle & keep it in the fridge. It lasts about 2 weeks. sometimes I add lavender essential oil. It's amazing and your skin will glow & feel as soft as Francis's tush. I am addicted to it!

    For daytime under eye cream, I use this and I do think it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines & dark circles:

    For night, I use the same moisturizer above and add about 1 tsp castor oil (I just pump a few squirts of the moisturizer in my hand and pour a little castor oil in to make it thicker & richer for nighttime moisturizing).

    If I want a tinted moisturizer, I use this, which works really well & smells heavenly:

    have fun :)

  14. Camp Patton turned me onto Paula's Choice a couple of years ago, and I love it!

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