Friday, December 2, 2016

7 Quick Takes: Presents Edition AKA Is This A Blog Or What?!

PHEW. Life has been busy assss usualllll (cliche's all around people). I thought I would jump in for a little Friday fun ala quick takes to dump on you all my gift ideas for the kids... because it's the week after Thanksgiving, everything is on sale, and it's just what bloggers do. #holylens. #justkidding.

Ok, so on Monday I jumped on the old Amazon and decided to knock out Christmas in one swoop. I decided to stick with two gifts per kid which I feel great about. Every year I think I haven't gotten them enough and so I get more. And then on Christmas morning I realize we have aunts and uncles and grandparents and Santa and... everyone suddenly has way too much. I made a commitment to myself to reign it in in the only controllable manner I can (our own gifts to them) and hope everyone's gift pile evens out to nice, normal size. Also, in a moment of pure genius, I talked my kids into just asking Santa for whatever he thinks is best... which turns my two gifts into one + Santa. Anyway... here they are. In QT version. (I can only play on the 7 kids, 7 takes things for so long, ya know...)

1. Hero

Maybe my biggest issue with the girls room/things is all the little obnoxious, precious, thisismine-type chotskis. They always end up stacked in piles or found under beds but we can never get rid of them. In short, they each need a place to put things. And if Christmas presents an opportunity to buy something we actually need, I am all over it. So, I got each of the girls a cute, crate style shelf from Urban Outfitters (on sale!) to hang by their beds and store said "treasures."

For Hero's second present I got her a sweatshirt (so, weird, I know). The other day she made a BIG point to say "when I grow up I really want a sweater that zips up with a hood" with straight up STARS IN HER EYES. I was like, girl, you can have that now. At first I ordered a super cheap grey one off of Amazon but then I decided to peep a few cuter options and ended up with Boden... because 30% off and Christmas. I'm not finding the one I got but it's similar to this one here. I also got her some sweats because they are another... life long dream... of hers... #goals.

2. Mary

Same as Hero in the shelf department. Which is part of a larger scheme of hers to fulfill all her plans of "dream bedroom"... which basically consist in adorning the wall above her bunk with a. a guitar b. a shelf for her things and c. a "singing girl" poster... which I'M SURE is more Hannah Montana-ish in her mind but I'm leaning a lot more heavily this...
Anyway, we got the guitar portion of "dream bedroom," plus a wall hanger to keep it up up and away from the masses. 

3. John

All John is about right now is PokeFREAKINGmon (which his uncle was also all about in years past.) Because Uncle Kenny is a serial nostalgist he has lit'rally thousands of Pokemon cards at his house, hundreds of which he lovingly bequeathed my children. John has just been carrying around the most obnoxious fat stack of cards everywhere he goes. They spill everywhere. They drive me insane. He must count and organize them over and over. So we got him a Pokemon binder (naturally) with plastic card thingies

For presie #2 I got him a crystal growing kit to feed his science brain a bit. Kits are my favorite because you use them once and then they go away. Amen.

4. Clem

Again, shelf

And.... clogs

She's a simple girl and FASHION RULES ALL. I mean, what else do you do when HA presents you with 50% off glitter clogs and your kid is still squeezing herself into a pair she's had since she was 3? You buy the glitter clogs

5. Pete

Pete is getting a wooden pop gun (wood so it will probably last around here, gun so it will probably get used around here, and inexpensive so... I bought it). Plus, holy crap, with a description like that....

He also got a wooden shapes puzzle... filling the cute, useful, cheap, we could always use one of these, I have to get you another thing category. 

6. Joe

Joe is big into putting things where they go, clasping buckles, etc so I got him a this cute little (pricey) sorting bus. The kid doesn't have a thing to his name so I feel less guilt about a splurge I know he will really love. But I'm sure he would have equally loved something like 
this. He is a baby after all. He only cares about, like, 4 things.

I just realized I didn't get him a second gift but I'm sure I will so as to not make either Santa or us look like total jerks. Maybe something very fance like a new bottle. Dreams do come true, Joe.

7. Francis

I'm feeling a little who am I?? with this purchase but we don't have one anymore and I'm sure we could use it. So I ordered him a sweet little wooden hanging toy frame off of Etsy. I also ordered some wood beads and twine to make a few simple hanging toys for it. I can't wait to be like WHAT! SANTA KNEW WE NEEDED A FRAME FOR THESE TOYS?! Because that's all this bb be getting.

Anyway, that's that. For stockings I am doing socks, holy cards, honey sticks, and oranges. Because deep down inside of me I am old-timey and LAME. (takes a bow).

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Here is a pic of Clem putting up our first Jesse Tree ornament yesterday. I'm so so so grateful to have the space this year for the pot full of big branches I've always wanted but never had room for. We didn't do a Jesse Tree for the past few years mostly because of pregnancy but also because of space. It makes me so happy to bring back this little Advent tradish. And I'm so glad presents are off my mind already. Did you get all your shopping done?? Time to Advent, ya'll. XOX


  1. I'm not sure how old your girls are (my oldest is 8) but my girls would *flip-a-lid* if I didn't get them toys! Molly wants Barbies, Calico Critters, and doll clothes. In past years we have done chairs, movies, and legos, and now I know that I should do that on non-Christmas events. haha

    1. I hear ya... I think I'm just hitting a lucky streak where no one actually wants any "thing". So, I'm capitalizing;)

  2. (I know legos are toys, I'm not sure what I was meaning, but I guess more girly toys? I dunno) ;-)

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