Tuesday, December 13, 2016

DA CRIB: pt 2, From the back to the front

Ok, so we left of kinda facing the backyard jusssssst like this. 

Wobbly Joe with the living room on the right...

(Peeping in the living room just off the back patio, you can see the front lawn straight through the room.)

This is the back end of our bedroom, headed towards the front. Gosh how lame are my captions?!

And this is the kids "play house" on the bottom of the hill... I think Playskool makes it? (Still lame? Y/N?)

Back to that bountiful garden area with a hidden Joe bonus.

And the front lawn! I even left our shit out to be "real." (for reference, that's our bedroom on the right, followed by the girls room, living room and the kitchen)


And this is the front of that living room view facing the back patio.

(this old wisteria makes me so happy)

So, that's our street down there. We are up on a hill but not far off the road. Our privacy status falls somewhere in between "people walking their dogs can still spot Johnny if he sneaks on the roof" and "no one can see you if you're playing bocce ball naked."

This is the far end of the house (kitchen + breakfast nook)

^Beautiful things all around ^

Next up: more luscious side yards and patios filled with beautiful things I didn't plant and hope to not kill, the kitchen, and boy's room. (You guys are too nice for caring about this and putting up with it!) xox


  1. I'm loving this!! Beautiful home

  2. Oh my gosh, again, what a beautiful location!! 😍 Where is this?? California?

  3. Replies
    1. Tell me about. The previous owners were genuises.

  4. beautiful! the wisteria i think was the only thing i -- a virginia born n bred -- recognized.

  5. Ok, i'll just go ahead and comment on each one here. SO BEAUTIFUL. Where can we put up our tent(s)?

    That y/n cracked me up, reminded me of ICQ......a/s/l.....

  6. Love this house tour- gorgeousness everywhere!

  7. girl, this is a dream! Such an excellent find and feels so private while still being totally accessible! never move.

  8. I am LOVING this. Can you hang some twinkles in the slatting (that's the technical term, right)? That whole yard set-up is a dreamland. Can we house-trade for a week? "The Holiday" style? You can come enjoy Chicago and my 1920's house and I can come enjoy that view.

    1. Over the back patio?? That's a good idea! We do have twinkle lights in the wisteria that we turn on every night. I love them!! AND YES! We should;)

    2. yes, that back patio. When was the house built?

  9. 1950. I adore the intricacy of the slat design.

  10. Aw, I love your home. Thanks for sharing.