Monday, February 6, 2017

Average Monday in photos

I wasn't planning on blogging but Pete keeps sneaking out of his bed for naps and the best vantage point I have of his bedroom is at the computer. So here I blog.

Mondays are always catch up days for me. Somehow I forget how to do dishes and everything on Saturday and Sunday. Why is that?? My secret weapon for not letting Monday's overwhelm me is to game-plan them. I like to do a quick assessment of what I want to get done and then map it out. I make a quick overview in my head (sometimes on paper if I'm stressin'), then break it down into time frames (morning, pre-naps, naps, afternoon, etc). And then I even break it down more. E.g. right now. I am wrapping up a flash sale over at The Haul but in between posting a photo I give myself a little goal- post photo > sweep the kitchen > post photo > fold a load of laundry, etc.

Anyway, it helps my brain and keeps me motivated. Little boxes than I can reasonably check. Check, check, check.

Next up on my list are to vacuum the 300,000 chip particles out of the rug from the Super Bowl yesterday and I would like to clock a little P + P reading time.

What even is this blog post?? Ha.

I'll push on.

Here is what life looks like around me today.

Pete's continual breech of nap time rules.

Clem playing cat-licks-milk-out-of-bowl.

Another cozy, rainy day in Southern California.

Drying my laundry like the pioneeress I am since my dryer broke last week.

Desk vibes. Pokemon everywhere I turn.

Enjoying copious amount of earl grey with lavender, honey, and cream.

Just installed these cute adhesive wall hangers in the boys room for all their hats/capes/backpacks/junk. (top five favorite things is when Amazon Prime carries Ikea)

Ordering a fresh stack of pre-k workbooks for Clem but appreciating the fact that she still spells her name C-E-L-M.



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  2. Hope you enjoy Pride and Prejudice! Elizaberh is so great but I also love the weird funny minor characters that help create some of the most hella-awkward scenes in all of literature. 😳

  3. The fireplace picture- how do you guys manage to keep decorative/breakable stuff at kid levels? We have two little boys (3 and 19months) and this has been impossible for us. Do you train your babies not to take those things? Is this a room that's off limits to toddlers? I would so love to keep house decor stuff out like that. (not to mention actually use my fireplace!) But my kids seem to destroy everything and make even non dangerous things dangerous.
    -Marie in Phoenix

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