Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Old dog/new tricks

Don't be fooled, people. I am still figuring this out. Post-partumwear mostly makes you feel the exact opposite of a million bucks. Negative one million bucks? idk. The other day I bought a pair of super high-waisted jeans sized up (feeling suuuuper confident about the current state of my ppd bod) and lol wouldn't you know the waist barely even came around to the FRONT of my body. Clearly I need to not mess with a button closure yet. Or any closure, for that matter.

Anyway, here is my quickie postpartum round-up for what IS working for me this 8th go-round.

1. These cropped pants. Super cute fit, lightweight, elastic waist. Get it.

2. This tank top. I have a similar one from Motherhood Maternity and I would wear if everyday if I could. Functions as a nursing bra and spanx so I could not luv it more.

3. Go-To leggings with a high-waist. Give me a high-waist and name it Go-To and you can basically take all my money. But not because these are under $30.

4. This denim button-down. What is it about Old Navy that is killing it lately? I'm embarrassed to admit it but I'm really loving everything I've bought despite all the guilt associated with shopping fast fashion. Ken not tell a lie.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. This very perfect pencil skirt. It's on sale. Just get it. Don't even think about it. I wear it 4x a week. You will too.

6. These cotton v-necks. Breezy and loose and reasonably priced and and and. Tuck the front into your fave elastic waist pant (the Old Navy ones ^), put some jewelry on, and you'll feel semi-put together! WHY IS THIS FONT WEIRD

7. Madewell Central Shirt anyway you can get it. This button down is just kind of perfect. Just boxy enough to hide your belly and not make you look dumb. I have this cute chambray ruffle-sleeved one and I'm wearing it into the ground. (And this cute yellow one is on sale!)

8. Sale again!! This is my fave cardigan. I wear it all the time (pregnant, not pregnant, and beyond) - super cozy, washes well, pockets. Zing!

9. I'm eyeing this skirt... I'll keep you posted.

10. Pendant necklaces. I got this little stack and they are perfect to mix and match for a little extra something. Something about a few extra pieces of jewelry makes me feel 100% happier and at least 80% less frumpy. I highly recommend along with a new pair of sunnies. Oh shoot now I want those :/.

Happy Wednesday, beebs! Francie was killing me with cute this am.* *see below.

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  1. The pencil skirt looked so, so cute. By the time I got there, they only had xx-small. Ahhh! Even not post-partum, have never been a small (not to mention xx...).