Thursday, February 14, 2008

the blog life

well, thanks casey for the encouragment, but i am not doing great. i am starting to feel the weight of intimidation regarding things i would like to see accomplished on my blog vs things i have no idea how to do.

examples of this are:
a) making a column on the right hand side with links to all my friends blogs. you know, really starting to make my rounds in the blog scene.
b) creating links in my blog, such as, look at this "here", and the word "here" is actually a link to something great like a silly picture of a kitty cat or a e-valentine or a quote of the day (lindy...)

if you can help me do these things, please do.

other than that, i am pretty psyched about my new life as a blogger. i swear i have spent some good brain power on deciding what to post on today. its really getting my going, this blog life.

with that said, i suppose i dont have anything too cool to blog about. kirby and i saw juno last night, finally. to be honest, it didnt knock it out of the park for me. especially the super-contrived teenager lingo. i mean, how many sixteen year olds really speak, at all times, with lingo? it was like the indie dawson's creek scenario. phuket, thailand! what the shiz, homeslice? you know, stuff like that... also, since having given birth myself, i find it hard to really be convinced by birthing scenes. and im not being cynical, i think im pretty understanding, actually. i mean, how can you really pretend to do that if you have never, ever done it? it seems like a pretty unrealistic task to ask of an actor or anyone for that matter. "hey, just pretend to do the most intense, strangest, most complicated, magical, unearthly, painful, amazing, scary, great thing you have ever done." almost impossible, i would think. other than that, it was pretty good. plus michael cera and jason bateman are awesome, even though jason batemen turns out to be a big time douche.

i think kirby and i talked more about how great arrested development was after the movie than the actual movie. can you believe they canceled that show? i mean, honestly... i dont think i will ever understand it. two guys, a girl and a pizza place probably had a longer run. its really distressing.

on a good note, i went to the midwife today for the standard check up and found out that i dont have to get a q-tip poked in my butt like i did last time around. this is really, really good news!

lets get the going on the blog advice tip. im only as good as copy/paste so i need your help!


  1. really? this is what you made me wait around for for 30 minutes, talking about the greek system? ouch.

    good news about the q tip, congrats!

    and also, i loved 2 guys, a girl, and a pizza place.


  2. I've only met you once and I'm excited you started a blog.

    a) I think you already figured this one out except you need to add my blog under Brads.

    b) When you are typing up your blog post, just highlight the word "here" then push the green button that sort of looks like a frog with big eyes. That will open a new little window that you can paste in the address where you want the word link to.

    Hope that helps!


  3. um, whats your problem? multiple references to mcsweeney's and finally a movie that references the seattle grunge scene with positive light since singles. wait, they bag on it in the end. great blog. when do you think hugh hewitt will call? or possibly mark mcgraff from extra?
    blogs all turn out like the conversations in juno because they are all thought out before hand.

  4. I tried posting on this earlier but it wouldn't work. I think I said something along the lines of "I like your blog, you're savvy, and duh about a movie who stars that girl. In "Hardcandy" she castrates someone. Besides, the preview is pretty clear about all that lingo, as she says "I'm already pregnant, what other shananigans can I get myself into?" Come on, now.