Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the new me

hello blog world.
i am on hold with blue cross and thought to myself,"what else could i do with my time?"
well, turns out the answer was, "become a blogger."
and so here i am.

the process was much easier than i had anticipated! i thought the whole layout thing would take me a really long time. possibly hours. you really just fill out a few things and pick a template which i found to be really helpful and nice and generic. that was both a time saver and a brain power saver. now all i really have to do is remember my password, which should be no problem.

the one thing that is still a bit intimidating is thinking about how to notify my friends of my blog and get other blogger friends to be my blogger friends, or to subscribe, rather.

let see how this goes...

(still on hold)


  1. I think you should have called this "Blythe's Bodacious Blog. Because really, we need to bring that word back.