Friday, February 29, 2008


to me, the flu means many, many things. one thing that is a complete give in is that it means absolute blog neglect. and while i am definitely better, waaay better... i still have a pretty ugly, rattling cough trying so hard to expel the last remnants of the illness from my chest. yuck.

this cough won't get me down in the blog dumps, though. i will make sure of that.

so, where to start after so long? how about highlights and low lights of the week? highlights include getting my time warner cable "all-the-best" package hooked up. finally, i actually have the internet!! low lights include the cable tech showing up with NO cable box, then finally getting his hands on the wrong kind leaving me with no option but to schedule another time for him to come out and put the right cable box in. this turns out to be next thursday. now, this is the SOONEST time warner can send someone out, so until then, we get channels 2-13 in pretty grainy low-def. BUT we still have the internet and $12 credited to our next bill for the major inconvenience TWC is causing our family, so that's pretty good.

another major low occurred tonight which was major potential poos that hit me right in the middle of a much anticipated date with kirb and left me with, quite honestly, the closest i have ever been to pooping my pants in the car on the ride home. just an absolutely terrible feeling.

and for some reason it made me think of going into premature labor, which would really be a terrible feeling, i would assume.

hero is so funny. she started to do this thing where she raises her arms as if to say "what?" (you know, with her palms turned up) and she goes "ughhh???" just like that tim the toolman taylor noise. she does this during anytime of confusion. like the other day, she was rocking out to this commercial and when the song stopped and the next commercial came on she looked at me and did this. and today, she was playing with my car keys on the couch and they fell on the floor. she peered over the edge of the couch and did it. its really so funny because its the quintessential "whats going on?!" gesture and she uses it so appropriately but it isn't something that anyone other than a cartoon or someone who has zero ability to communicate reasonably would do. we have no idea where she learned it!
she is the cutest.

(kirby snuck on and wrote the following while i was getting some clean sheets out of hero's room)

So, its march, and lets chat about Gus Johnson. Hmmm, what a guy. Please youtube on your next smoke break.

*its me again

in honor of his love for gus johnson and the month of march, i want to direct your attention to this short clip... it seriously makes kirby cry every time he sees it. including the three times he watched it while i was trying to get the computer from him so that i could update this. give it a moment of your time, shed a tear in honor of kirby and his love for college hoops and passionate announcers.

ahhh, its good to be back!


  1. sorry your sick. i hope you feel better. don't feel bad about the poop. in fact, my colitis has caused me to poop my pants 5 times so far over the past year, and the worst yet was in the car yesterday. i was wondering if i could borrow some of hero's diapers.


  2. dearest amina,
    Go Cloth.

  3. wowza! blythe you are too funny! i love the pooping in pants comment. one day i have to tell you a story about a friend who actually did poop their pants and then sat in it for awhile.
    anyway, love you!