Sunday, March 2, 2008

i absolved to get absolved more often

yesterday was a good day. we went to confession, then teavana, then this great irish pub on fairfax where i saw some actor who's face i just couldn't place. i hate that.

our trip to teavana officially kicked off my tea collecting! i talked to a resident tea expert and picked out two teas- "to life" which is a super good mix of green, white and red teas. it has hibiscus in it which apparently is good for fertility, so thats a bonus. i also got an earl grey for the milk and sugar woman in me called mrs. earl grey. its basically a traditional earl grey with orange peel and vanilla in it. yum yum. the staff at teavana take down the huge tubs of tea to let you smell and they talk all about the tea and why its great. its so fun, i seriously could have spent all afternoon there. i can't completely taste yet because my sinuses are still screwy, but when i do i will really enjoy my new teas. come over and have a cup!

in other news, tomorrow is kenny's birthday! he will be 20 and in rome. he has been gone since the beginning of january and i miss him big time! he is having a really good time, meeting a ton of cool people, seeing great things and getting robbed in train stations.

this is a cute picture of kenny and hero right before he left. we love you, bear, and miss you a ton. i hope you have a delicious birthday!! as delicious, if not more than, the leftover apple crisp from cpk i am enjoying as i blog.


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