Thursday, March 6, 2008

viral infection/amina's colon

hey everyone.
my computer has contracted some virus and wont let me do the things i want to do on it. it wouldnt even let me post this amazingly cute picture of hero on my blog. this must be a baby-hating virus or something. hopefully it will be better soon.

you know who else i hope will be better soon? my dear friend amina.
she has the worst butt in history. her blog can tell you all about it. i was reading her latest post on her newest colon disasters and it made me feel really lucky for having a healthy butt, even though i almost pooped my pants last weekend. she has to get colonoscopies (sp?) and steroids and intestinal cameras and she poops her pants semi-frequently.
she is a serious trooper.

so i want to raise my glass to amina. she really puts up with more than the majority of us could ever handle. and she still always looks incredible every time i see her even though her digestive system is in disarray.

i love you, amina! keep up the good work.


  1. Poor Amina. I hate how people have to suffer while they try and find out what is wrong. i wish they could just knock you out. i love amina and hope she gets healed really soon.

  2. Haha. THANKS. You're the greatest.
    & Don't worry Tina I am so much better in just 1 week's time. Love you both!

  3. hi feet:)

    Hey I have a prayer request for Dita's friend's baby, please read their blog for specifics.
    His name is Cohen.

    & please pray for Thomas's grandfather, there's fluid in his heart that isn't supposed to be there. It's snowing and it looks so pretty tonight! If work cancels then I'll be able to finish chatting if you have time:)

    Love you poop:) be good.