Wednesday, April 16, 2008


i am really into hibernating lately. i think my emotional, pre-mother state has really kicked in. i am trying to really soak up my last little bit of time with my two favorite people before we meet our new baby. if i have been ignoring you, don't take it personal.
i wonder alot what hero is thinking, what she will be thinking, if she gets that something is up. she has been resting her head on her "baby" (my stomach) alot and hanging on extra tight when i hold her. sometimes i wonder if her little heart knows a change is coming. maybe she is telling me she's ready.
it's kind of bittersweet but much more sweet than bitter. i am so excited to meet another baby God made for our family.
anyway, a little over a week ago our amazing wedding photographer, Mary Hawblitzel, took some pictures of me and hero. here are some of our favorites!

i have no idea why everything is underlined all of a sudden.


  1. These pictures are so perfect.

  2. rad. i wish i looked that cute 9 months pregnant.

  3. One of my Korean co-teachers is pregnant with her first baby. We always talk about what a miracle he is. Koreans call an unborn baby "shin-bee" meaning "little miracle". Isn't that adorable?

    I showed her these pictures and she wants to get some taken now. Her baby is 19 weeks.
    ~You have a shin-bee!