Friday, April 18, 2008

so good

so, i have no idea how this happened, but in the past two years i have quickly became a woman obsessed with all things childbirth.
i recently saw a documentary that seriously shook my universe. ricki lake (i know, where has she been, right?) made a film called the business of being born. it is hugely important.
as soon as i saw it i thought to myself, "every woman everywhere has to see this!!"

i could probably write forever about why this subject is so important to me, but i think the film says it best. kirby and i were totally blessed with being exposed other birthing options. we got educated and made our own decisions regarding our birth experiences. that led us to delivering with midwives, hero was in a birthing center, this next baby will be at home. i am so glad to have made thoughtful, well-educated choices... i was able to be conscious and aware and active and strong through the whole process. it feels so good to say that i really loved delivering my baby(ies), because it's not often you find that woman are positive about their birth experiences. in that sense, i feel like the joy of having kids has been robbed from us by our cultures standards of care. with that...

see this film, see this film, see this film! it's available now on netflix...
i would love to hear what you think.


  1. I really wanna see that. I already know I don't wanna have an epidural when I give birth, let alone be in a hospital.

  2. yay! i can't wait till you guys see it. i think you'll both really love it.

  3. blah blah blah been there, seen that. i should've just printed up this post and read it to my class, it sums everything up quite nicely.

    (ps- im watching idol RIGHT now and we're about to find out who gets eliminated between syesha and carly. WHAT THE HECK?!)