Wednesday, May 7, 2008

catching up

it's been almost two weeks of life with two kids! what a whirlwind... the four of us have been busy soaking up the goodness of our new family, seeing lots of friends and fam, eating other people's food, and remembering what newborns are like. kirby was home last week but is back in school now getting geared up for finals. that means i have been venturing into the world of being a stay-at-home mommy to two. this is exciting, to say the least, and i have been loving every minute of it.

i thought i would throw up a few pictures of our latest adventures.

here we are, perfecting the double cuddle on day 2.

i'm sure something really funny was going on here

hero hovering over mary, while donning her new "double hat" style

sweet sleepy girl

our first adventure to target! this was about two hours in the making. finally with two full bellies, six poopy diapers and a new change of clothes due to a pee fiasco under our belts, we were able to load up the double stroller and venture out. all with another set of hands to help (kaitlyn, your the bomb). when we got to target i indulged in a venti chai latte. i earned it.

on saturday the ladies and i went to our first soiree, our friend eileen's baby shower. i had fun lounging in the shade and eating heaping helpfuls of chick food, hero had fun playing in the sandbox, chasing around the big kids and eating her weight in strawberries, mary had fun posing for pictures and sleeping.
our good friends, nick and ang, came by to feed us and mary got to hang with her new friend, finbar. he's a pretty mellow guy, in comparison.

and hero has been spending time practicing her baby-care skills, such as the swaddle...

and the sling.


  1. thanks for the update, speaking for the rest of the blog world- we have been pretty worried.

    1) i love hero's pants in the second to last picture.
    2) the last picture makes the doll's hair look normal!
    3) you are incredibly lucky to have such a gorgeous family.


  2. Great update Blythe. I especially like all the pictures...your daughters are so fun to see. I hear Nat is cruising up for some hang time with you next week. Wish I could join in on the fun...but there's bacon to be made and I'm trying to make it. Please tell Kirby I say hello. Would love to host your family down here on the Ranch some weekend for a picnic.
    - Eric

  3. Love it!!! You look amazing at the soiree. Ready for a hike in a week with two kids strapped to you? Happy Mother's Day! Yelena

  4. I like Hero's Mariner hat and jelly sandals! The picture of Mary with her boy friend--hilarious! You look so pretty in all these photos. It is encouraging to see that being a mother is possible...I don't know if I'll have the patience. <3

  5. oh my gosh... i love hero with the sling!