Friday, May 16, 2008

my blog

i love my blog. lets just get that out there.
i just spent some time re-reading all my previous posts and i am satisfied.

i wish had something more exciting to say or some new cute pictures to post, but i haven't uploaded any new shots. this weekend kirby's momma is down for a visit, i'm sure we'll have some good documentation of our fun for me to post next week. tomorrow we are dragging her to the whole planet, whole child expo here in northridge. ed begley jr is gonna be there, it should be pretty awesome. plus there will be a "rainforest filled with exotic animals" PLUS there will be stephen stills of crosby, stills and nash performing for the kiddos on sunday! wow, its really gonna be good. you should come!

right now my sweet baby hero is sleeping in her bed, completely zonked after a long day of chalk drawing, swimming, trying to make friends with everyone she comes in contact with and walking all over kirby's mom's hotel lobby.

right now my little mary is sound asleep next to her daddy in bed right behind me. he is probably awake because i am typing but she is out like a light. mostly she just slept all day but thats alot for a three week old, im sure. i can hear her little baby breaths. what a perfect sound.

crickets are outside my window and its not so hot that i have to sleep with the air conditioner on. all is well in my world. thats for shizzle.


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