Saturday, February 28, 2009

rainy beach day

last saturday we hit the beach for some overcast beach day fun.
we hung out at zuma where mary ate lots of black sand... then we went to neptune's to eat mounds of fried sea creatures (a must for a fike beach day, if we can pull together enough pennies to shell out). then we drove to the super high sand dune just north of county line where mary ate more sand and where hero discovered how to throw my face, while i was taking pictures...which was, for me, a total 'dont lose your temper, she is only 2'... moment.

on the way back home kirby said, and i quote, 'i don't want this day to end!' and so we drove down to santa monica where we hung at the playground next to the pier until hero peed in her pants, which is always confusing when there is a diaper present that is supposed to catch things like pee. so we took that as a cue that our perfect day was coming to a close... and home we went.

poor mary pooped sand for the next two days, but she didn't seem to mind it.
oh, and a got a new hair do, which can be viewed below...although it's beachy and dirty and not as cute as it is supposed to be.