Friday, February 27, 2009

sneaking in

the other day i snuck in on the babies playing in the crib. i love watching these two become buddies. they are really beginning to hit a stride of being able the really play with each other. they keep each other occupied for long stretches of time...which is amazing! they are even starting the get into a little trouble together. last week i was in the bedroom straightening up and when i came out i found them both in a pile of ziplock baggies taken from a box that hero had managed to get out of a drawer. hero is the leader of their operations, mary is the wingman. lately the first thing hero asks me in the morning is if 'deedee' is up. hero is protective and considerate of her sis...and sometimes bossy, but deedee holds her own. i love watching this sister love blossom.


  1. That was so cute. I miss da babes.

  2. That was so cute. Soo funny that hero called for you and she couldn't see you. It is awesome that they are buddies now and keep each other entertained.