Wednesday, March 25, 2009


inspired by this super creative mom, who was inspired by someone else... we decided to get all prairie style and make our own butter!

now, butter is something that i would think takes a lot of effort to make. i was amazed to learn that it is actually super easy, and fast... and SO delicious.

we bought some good quality organic cream, left it on the counter to warm up a bit (2 hours), put it in the food processor and watched the magic happen. first is turns into whipped cream for a minute or two and then, viola... butter.

here is a good step by step tutorial
, if your interested... the only adjustment i made was doing it in the food processor (way less mess) and letting my cream warm, it came together much quicker.

i love being a farmer woman in my mind.

here is a shot of our butter blob after rinsing.
reserving the buttermilk...enjoyingyay butter!