Tuesday, January 19, 2010

getting ready for big things

while this has nothing to do with my post... hero started ballet. watching her in her first class was one of those "never, ever forget" moments. totally perfect and beautiful in every way
i will also never, ever forget how cute mary was trying sooo hard to participate. poor girl! why is this underlined??
here in the fike household we are getting ready for big things.
1) the birth of our son (yes, a son!) in just 12 short weeks.
2) a big family trip to ireland in just one short day.
3) a project i have deemed 'the fike household beautification project' which is to commence as soon as we recover from jet lag.
4) the third birthday of my hero, which is next week.

i have been feeling super nesty already- minus the energy- which is fun and not fun. fun because i am organizing our home and simplifying our life which feels sooo good. not fun because i don't always have the energy to accomplish my goals, so they sometimes only go down in my imagination which doesn't really accomplish anything.

then i found out i am so anemic that i could not even have my baby at home if i were term right now which is sucky but at least gives me hope for my energy returning once i bump up my iron. and yes- i know, i know... i am the worst supplement taker on the planet. it's my fault.

as i organize, both mentally and in real life - i am trying to follow these beautiful tenents (introduced to me by lindy) that everything in my home should be either useful to me or beautiful to me. and when the fike household beautification project begins, you better believe i will be walking around this place with a big box, tossing things in that do not meet either one of those requirements.

my goal, i have learned, is too simplify in order to be the best mom and wife i can possibly be. i realize that when our home is orderly and our belongings are minimal, when meals are planned and groceries are bought, my energy is focused on the people i love and how to love them better. i do not want to be a slave to our stuff or my chores... instead i want to turn my chores into acts of love for my family. when things are simplified i get things done quickly and get them done well and then we can make forts out of bedsheets or read or be ballerina's dancing in the living room or laying in the grass with ladybugs.

my plan is to have things together so that when this baby boy comes we can all just fall in love with him with as few distractions as possible... i am excited to commence.

you know you're pregnant when your talking more about organizing than going to ireland, tommorrow! sheesh.

stay tuned for a, hopefully, gorgeous photojournal of our adventures!

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  1. I'm excited for all those things too! Mary is so cute trying to do ballet!