Friday, January 22, 2010

everything is so backwards!!

...a quote from my mom, who is, somehow, so turned around with driving on the left that she thinks her actual left is right and vice-versa. i still can't make sense of it.

we are here and it is incredible! somehow our super cheap deal we got turned out to be totally legit and we are staying in the fanciest place in the best little village, adare. here are somethings i have learned so far...

1. babies are way better travelers than adults
2. adults are way better travelers than pregnant ladies
3. spontaneous contractions over the atlantic ocean will make you burst into tears
4. hydration is key
5. ireland is magical
6. off-season, shmeason
7. guiness is waaaay different here than in the states
8. mary likes it
9. irish people are the nicest people in the world, as far as i know
10. the term "hooker" refers to a rugby position, do not be offended if someone's suggests your unborn child might be one.

day one: killarney, 15th c. franciscan abbey, 15th c. castle, country drive, and aunty lena's pub in adare with a rugby match and irish music.


  1. Looks like great adventures unfolding. Tell Baby Fike to chill until he becomes a Rugby player. I LOVE that picture of Kirby and Mary near the top!

  2. you just rekindled my passion for travelzoo. i'm watching for the next ireland deal- that looks amazing! great pictures.

  3. What great pictures - a drained glass of Guiness and a sippy cup, priceless!

  4. Hi Blythe! I'm new to the blog thing and I know this is a suuuper old post so hopefully you'll still see this comment somehow (and not judge me for creepin') :) I don't believe we've met but I know you in a six degrees of separation sort of way. Taylor Cote is my bestie and my husband, Ryan, remembers you from "the Axis days." Anyhoooo, Ryan and I have been married three years and are hopefully starting a family soon so I enjoy reading your blog in preparation ;) Ryan has family in England and we'd really like to go next year, *hopefully* with a three month old in tow if we are blessed. Seeing as you've traveled with babes, I was wondering your initial thoughts on it. Some people I've told this dream to think I'm nuts! Seeing as I'm not even pregnant, this may not be an anytime soon plan, but when the time comes I wondered if I could pick your brain for tips for crossing oceans with a babe. Thanks! - Dana

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